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New Shoes.

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Why replace a pair of running shoes with just one pair when you can get three?

I’ve been running since September in a fabulous pair of Saucony Kinvaras.  Recently I’ve been sad to admit that they are dead.   They were the best, most comfortable and lightweight, pair of running shoes that I’ve owned.   The next obvious step was to replace them with the same.  Not so straight forward.  A first trawl on the internet showed that my usual suppliers were sold out in my size.  Second I felt that they were maybe not the ideal shoe for winter as they are very lightweight and the upper is minimal.  My pair had lasted 3 months (2 half marathons, nikegrid and countless British Military Fitness, (BMF) classes) before sprouting tears and holes in the upper. 

A sensible replacement for BMF use was a pair of trail shoes.  The extra grip is sensible as a lot of time is  spent running on grass/mud/sand.  They would also be more robust and better able to stand up to regular soakings.   So,  after being assured that they wouldn’t be too slippery on tarmac I went for it and bought some Salomon SpeedCross 2’s.  I’m glad I did.   I’ve done 3 classes in them so far, no blisters and they are roomy enough for my wide feet.  I had to get used to a firmer, more supportive shoe but they are responsive and most importantly lightweight.   The grip is very good on wet grass, mud (and snow) plus they felt pretty good doing sprints on tarmac last week. 

But what to wear for street running? I need some shoes for pounding the streets over the winter, especially for Janathon.   I settled on a pair of Nike Lunar Glide 2.  Have to admit that I was taken by the fluorescent pink laces and sole! (Such a girlie – sorry.)  They feel good and I’ve had no reason to complain after 2 shortish runs.  My only slight criticism is that they are a little heavy at 283g. (Salomons are 269g and the Kinvaras 196g),  Winter running footwear sorted. 

Until,  on a casual internet trawl recently,  I came across a new cycle/running site… They had Saucony Kinvaras on their list and a couple of pairs left in stock in my size! ( in a lovely pale blue a nice change from the previous pink pair)  So without thinking I ordered them,  credit card maxed out… oops.  I do intend to save them until the spring for my 10K training and races…unless its very dry and I want to run fast?

Running update since last blog. 

A busy week other than running, weather cold with snow and ice.  Reasonable efforts:

Monday 29th.  BMF class

Tuesday 30th Nov.  3 mile street run.  Snow but pavements wet.

Wednesday 1st Dec.  BMF class

Friday 3rd Dec.  5K treadmill run as snow and ice on payments. 

Goals for December:  Increase to 5 /6 runs or BMF sessions a week in preparation  for Janathon and start blogging more regularly.


Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

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