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Couch potato and over indulged or rested and fueled for Janathon?


I’ve not run or exercised at all for nearly 2 weeks.  I’ve also eaten and drunk a bit too much over Christmas.  I’m now feeling a little stir crazy, sluggish not to mention heavy! Desperately in need of some fresh air and vigorous exercise.

The first round of excuses were the snow and ice.  Last week we were in Exeter at my parents and the morning after we arrived we woke up to 9 inches of snow.  The temperature then didn’t rise above freezing and the snow and ice was still  lying on the roads and pavements 7 days later.  Even a walk to the pub was dicey! So no running and I was disappointed not to get the chance to explore the Exeter City circular walk route.

Oh well I thought, we’re off to Isle of Wight, where its milder, I can run there.

Second set of excuses…. First morning I crawl out from under my warm duvet into cold running gear and find fog.  My route uses narrow country lanes/roads, so common sense says no road running until the fog clears unless I fix fog lights to my backside!

Here’s hoping for better running weather by 1/1/11 for Janathon.  Some of us participants think blogging will be the most challenging part.  I’m beginning to think the hardest part will be coping with the weather conditions in January.

Looking on the bright side, I don’t know why I’m apologetically reporting my couch potato and over indulgent habits of the last 2 weeks.  I should be bragging about this extra preparedness for Janathon!

My legs are fully rested and I am carbo, fat, protein, etc… loaded for January 1st!

Bring it on…

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

4 thoughts on “Couch potato and over indulged or rested and fueled for Janathon?

  1. The weather conditions will be a major factor for me.

  2. I’m really worried about the weather too. I’m scared of ice as I had a horrible fall earlier this year and banged my head – there is no way I’m running on it!

    Exeter was mad, wasn’t it? My cousins were snowed in there and when I got the train down to Cornwall last week, I couldn’t believe the snow in Exeter!

  3. weather looked really bad mid morning in Suffolk but actually turned out to be dry and really mild compared to recent weather – sticky mud the major problem – hope you exercise went well Day 1

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