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Against the clock and decrepid toenails


Janathon Day 11.

I was  feeling a bit sluggish this morning after a late night.  Why do teenage boys start English assignments at 8pm the night before they are due in?  Anyway, I got the motivational boost I needed this morning from reading that Fortnightflo had already been up, run, logged and blogged while I was still trying to wake up!

Off to the park again.

As I ran anticlockwise out of the car park I wondered what to think about today.   Yesterday’s quandary over why I tend to run anticlockwise was kindly solved  by HighwayKind.  I now know that all athletics tracks are anti-clockwise (against the clock!) so my left turning habits can obviously be explained by my early athletic training?!

Surprisingly, I had no problems with my legs today, other than general weariness.  But I spent a lot of time fiddling with my iPhone, its armband that’s too big and my headphone wires.  I just couldn’t get anything  comfortable.   I’m definitely falling out of love with the nikeplus gps app.  I have been seduced too long by its pretty coloured charts and ‘motivational’ voice feed back.  After all, it sometimes thinks I can run through brick walls and it doesn’t seem able to count higher than 3.  Every 3 days I get a message saying ‘you just ran 3 days in a row‘.  It would be nice to have a little bit of acknowledgement that I’ve just ran 11 days in a row!  Today, however I got some extraordinary new feedback from it. I was told ‘now that you’ve finished your run , go get a pedicure, those toes look decrepid!‘  Yes – no kidding, a bit impertinent I thought.  

It’s therefore definitely time to get back to my faithful old shuffle and Garmin.  The reason I’ve been using my iPhone and nikeplus  is because my ancient slab of a laptop has died and I haven’t yet managed to get my shiny new netbook to sync with my Garmin.  Nor have I got round to transferring my iTunes account.   So, on todays run I added a couple of new priorities to the top of my mental to do list.

I don’t normally carry any water when I run 40mins or less, especially in the winter.  Also in Hyde Park there are water fountains.  Today, after 3 miles I was here (see below) at one of the Royal Parks beautiful new sculptural water fountains.  I was hot and thirsty so it would have been pretty good timing if only it had worked.

4.58 miles   44.15 mins

playlist:   101 running songs

todays best track:   ‘Rebel Yell’  Billy Idol. 

Janathon Totals:

11/31 days run   40.06 miles   3766 calories (is that all?)

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

12 thoughts on “Against the clock and decrepid toenails

  1. I wish my legs would let me do that distance, and as for teenage boys, they are trainee men..designed ever to be a mystery to us!

  2. Well done on your run! As for your cheeky app … I think it’s been taking lessons from my Wii Fit! 😉

  3. I’m so glad I inspired you! Hilarious that it said that to you – I was thinking of switching from Runkeeper to the Nike + on my iphone, but I think I’ll just put up with RK! It might stop in the middle of a ru but at least it doesn’t insult me!

    • Yes – keep up the good work making us feel bad about being slow to get running! I think all the running aps are much the same – depends which grpahs you like. They all rely on the iPhone gps which can drop out occasionally.

  4. Decrepid toenails are a sign you are a Runner so relish it!!!

  5. I thought the nike+ app was meant to be motivational – sounds like it’s trying to get you to quit with comments like that! As for the teenager… some of us males write better under pressure??!? (I feel I should offer at least some defence!)

  6. I have never used a nikeplus so I don’t know its merits but seems to put out some bizarre messages. I do like the dependable Garmin and also the Adidas Micoach . Like your choice of Billy Idol remember seeing him in Generation X a few years ago

  7. I’m trying to convince my teen that he needs no help from his parents. Hasn’t worked yet. Stay tuned. Ever hopeful.

    And since I became a runner, I’ve never paid such loving care to my toe nails.

  8. Just wondering why you were up late? Was the english assignment helping duty? Are the two connected?

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