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Two weeks completed.


Janathon Day 14.

BMF again this morning.  It was extremely muddy and we all got very mucky.  I don’t know what fitness benefit we got from rolling on the ground in the mud, but it did wake me up!  There wasn’t as much running as Wednesday’s class.  We were on the sports pitch so what running/sliding around we did was hard going.  I took it pretty slowly, I was coasting a bit to save my tired legs.  After the class however my legs felt quite good (anybody else find this?  legs a bit stiff and achy but fine when they are really well warmed up?) so I went for a run on the way home.  I planned to only run  a couple of miles, but seeing as my legs were raring to go and I ended up doing nearly 4 miles.

My nice clean shoes after BMF. (Won’t show you my knees or bum as not a pretty sight)

3.93miles   40.38 mins run

1 hour BMF class

After 2 weeks of Janathon  I’ve lost 3lbs without watching too carefully what I eat and drink.

Looks like this chap could do with a lot of Janathon!



Janathon Totals:

14/31 days run   47.98 miles   4534 calories

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

15 thoughts on “Two weeks completed.

  1. Ha ha, what a fat squirrel. He definitely needs Janathon!

  2. Wow didn’t realise squirrels could get that big!!

  3. WTG on your runs!

    I did a little Google search and I’m guessing BMF is like our Boot Camp classes. Love them! They totally kick ass! It’s amazing how tired my legs feel after a Boot Camp session, but then my runs are always so much better.

    That squirrel needs to back away from the nuts. HA HA!

  4. Best put those trainers in the machine they will stink tomorrow. Well done on the BMF class, the 4 mile run, the weight loss AND the excellent fat squirrel pic

  5. That really is one fat squirrel…….

    Well done on doing BMF and going for a run afterwards…. much more energy than me 🙂

  6. AAAAggghhhhhh!!!!!!

    Okay… I’m alright… and… breathe!

    No, it’s fine… I can definitely run faster than a squirrel that fat!!

  7. Its ok as long as the squirrels keep eating too many nuts we can out run them!

  8. That’s one fat squirrel! Sounds like you had a fab day. 🙂

  9. Now, if you hadn’t shown me those shoes I could have been quite tempted by BMF. Mine still have a lovely white new look to them. I’m too much of a girl about mud.

  10. that squirrel looks like my avatar on the x-box (the one i was given off my body shape cheeky blooming game) well done on the extra run 🙂

  11. That is one fat squirrel! Well done on the BMF, a bit of me wants to do it but the rest of me is too scared.

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