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No funny business


Janathon Day 19.

After running 19 days in a row my legs have decided that they can’t cope with any funny business.  Running forward in a straight line at a consistent pace is fine, anything else is not.  This is probably a result of yesterdays over exuberant running because it was such a beautiful day.  That’ll teach me!

Unfortunately  at BMF this morning I ended up in the fast group.  Normally, if I’m on good form and have fresh legs, I can take it in my stride but on day 19 of janathon?  Now, BMF instructors don’t mind you being  ‘Tail End Charlie’ but they are less tolerant of  girly wingers wanting to ‘go in the other group’ so I got on with it.  The others in the group were very happy to have me along,  knackered legs and all, because it meant they wouldn’t be at the back.  I know my place!  Today there was plenty of funny business.   My legs screamed their way through all sorts of running drills, sprints, squat jumps, bunny hops and much more… ouch.

I was going to call that a day for my exercise.  I have plenty of neglected paperwork to get on with for a start.   I was also cold all afternoon and hoping I’m not going down with somebody’s  lurgy.  My sons however, had other ideas!  I get interrogated daily over my run or running plans and hearing I’d ‘only’ been to BMF they nagged me to go out and do my janathon run.  (Get rid of Mum time, they are probably raiding my secret chocolate stash (worse than squirrels!)).   So trainers on I decided to go round the block.  Actually, it was a good idea.  It was a lovely early evening,  not quite dark with a rich deep blue sky and big round yellow moon.  I ran the ‘big block’ in the end  and managed to warm up and loosen my legs which were stiff from sitting still feeling cold all afternoon.  Finally, after a really good stretch my legs are in a much better mood!  Can anyone recommend any more really good stretches for lower legs?

2.17 miles   21.10 mins

Janathon Totals:

19/31 days run   70.35 miles

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

5 thoughts on “No funny business

  1. Well done for doing a run after BMF. I keep thinking of trying it but it sounds too hardcore for me!

  2. Have you tried the calf stretch off a step? I find that does a great stretch.

  3. It lovely that your family are so supportive (even if you do suspect an ulterior motive).

  4. How funny that your family nagged you into going out – they’re obviously getting in to Janathon as well. I love the calf stretch off a step as well, it’s different from the other calf stretches I do and feels *wonderful* in my sore, Janathon legs. I had to Google BMF, had no idea what it was!

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