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What shall I blog about today?


Janathon Day 21.

At BMF this morning, half my readership (Hi Andy), had the cheek to complain about the quality of my blog!  That I was only writing about loosing my keys (it was my purse actually).  So I asked what  should I blog about?  Should I talk about my aching legs and sore toe?  Or thrill you with a description of the uneventful mile I ran around the block  today? Yes, road works could get quite exciting! Maybe I should also canvass the opinion of the other half of my lovely readers.. (any suggestions Sof?)  Answers on a postcard please.

Anyway, its Friday (great) and I’ve been to BMF (OK but not great).  It was all very uneventful on a grey cold day.  The squirrels were keeping a low profile  (probably at home celebrating; I’ve just heard its national squirrel day) or just scared off by the fact we hunt in a pack at BMF.  I also have to confess that today I’ve had coffee with friends before BMF, with BMF buddies afterwards and later caught up with a friend passing through London , tea this time! Plus I’ve run that token janathon mile.  Trouble is,  I still haven’t finished sorting out those overdue accounts. Ooops. 

Now I’ve got to dust off a skirt from the back of my wardrobe, find a pair of heels and try to stand up in them all night at a drinks party. More oops!

3 weeks done and only 10 days to go – Have a nice weekend Janathoners!

1 hour BMF class

1.21 miles run   12.29 mins.

Janathon Totals:

21/31 days run   74.47 miles

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

4 thoughts on “What shall I blog about today?

  1. Nothing wrong with the quality of your blog… for me, there’s the added benefit of feeling reassured by the lack of squirrel activity in your area… I think you’re right, they’ll be running scared… surely even the squirrels would never try confronting such an elite team as the BMF?!

  2. You’re understating your reader count just a little! Have a nice evening 🙂

  3. Indeed, surely they’d be at most 20 percent of your readership?

  4. LOL – a skirt and heels what are they???

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