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Too much bounce


Janathon Day 23.

I was going to run with the boys on their bikes this afternoon but then the arguing started about where we were going,  who was riding on the road who was walking on the pavement and who was running or not running.  We ended up in the small local park for a bit.  After my running experiences there 2 weeks ago I couldn’t face the endless loops to clock up each measly mile.  I therefore went off for a run on my own later on. 

By the time I got round to my run,  I almost felt don’t bother, but was very glad to be out when I got started to get away from it all.  Half a mile or so down the road I realised that the old running kit I’d dug out in a hurry, while most of my good stuff was in the wash, was not a good idea.  The sports bra had lost much of its elasticity and I’ve lost a bit of weight since I bought it.  The result was far too much bounce for my liking!  Not only was it uncomfortable but it made me feel a bit self-conscious.  I couldn’t face turning back home to change so continued on with  my gloves shoved into my bra to help dampen things down!  The benefit of this predicament was to make me concentrate on my running form a lot;  trying to run smoothly keeping a forward movement with minimal bouncing up and down or twisting of my body. 

I felt a lot less tired today and had none of the various pains in my legs like yesterday. It was a nice to get away and have some time on my own.  My loop was broadly the same as yesterday but by taking a reverse route and choosing back streets I widened it slightly and made it more interesting. By mile 3 I was having a good run , feeling less uncomfortable and self-conscious and was tempted to make it a long run.  In the end I decided to keep to 4 or 5 miles for the sake of my legs over the next 8 days and because the rest of my family were probably sitting around at home waiting to be fed!     

8 Days to go…

Playlist:  Audiofuel

Directions given:   1

New uses for running gloves:   1

Bras in the bin:   1

5.11 miles   52.15 mins

Janathon Totals:

23/31 days run   83.84 miles

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

7 thoughts on “Too much bounce

  1. “with my gloves shoved into my bra”. classic. very inventive, i must say. there have been times when i went out with a sock stuffed in my trousers…oh, wait. not that kind of blog. sorry. yes, where was I?
    glad that you got out there and ran. hurrah! for only 8 days left.
    keep up the great work, and is sounds like janathon is paying dividends ‘up front’….

  2. You’ve reminded me must check out ebay for sports bras, my fav one that does not rub and keeps bounce down to a minimum is now a very unattractive shade of grey.

  3. lol – I shove my gloves into my bra too, though more because it’s a convenient place to store them once I’ve warmed up 🙂

  4. I obviously live a sheltered life – shoving my gloves into my bra has never occurred to me. Mind you, I don’t have much of a bounce problem …

    Well done on the run!

  5. Extreme measures. Having to shove your gloves down your bra seems to me another example of your hard-coreness this Janathon. A saggy sports bra is *not* a good thing, I’ve just had to retire one as well

  6. I used to shove socks in my bra when i was a teenager, as they just didnt make them small enough for me, but gloves… how inventive.

  7. would highly recommend sportsjock sportsbras – do them in all sizes and the puppies DO NOT MOVE once they are in place! http://www.sportsbra.co.uk/

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