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BMF logged and very nearly 100 miles run.


 Janathon Day 26.

I persuaded the instructors at British Military Fitness to let me, as a one-off, wear my Garmin for today’s class so I could find out how far and how fast we actually run.  Today we did a good mixture of running and other exercises and there was no particular emphasis on any one activity.  I’ve run much more and much less on previous sessions so today was a good measure of ‘average’ mileage. 

According to my Garmin, over the hour, I spent 25 minutes ‘moving’ and  covered 2.55 miles.  Best pace recorded was 5.13 minutes per mile. 

In between runs the rest of the time was filled with spot sprints and jumping jacks, pressups, plank, squat thrusts jump squats and burpees.  Plus some paired exercises working on arms, shoulders, and abdominals of which I don’t know the name!

I’ve always wondered why BMF classes thrash my legs much harder than a 10K run of a similar duration.  Seeing the pace graph and that much of the running pace is between 8 and 6 minute miles explains it.  No wonder my lower legs hurt like hell after a particularly tough one when a high proportion of the class is running!

This evening for consistency sake, even though I’ve logged the running part of today’s class for the first time,  I ran my loop around the block as I have after other BMF classes in January.  It also served as a 20 minute escape from the homework terrors at home! 

I should have paid a bit more attention to my Janathon total and run a few minutes more to score my century.  Running free have rounded me up to 100 but I know its only 99.76!  So lots of  motivation to get out there early tomorrow to clock up my 100 miles officially.  

2.55 miles   25.32 mins (running, during 1 hour BMF class)

2.40 miles   23.28 mins (pm run)

Daily total:   4.95 miles  49 mins

Janathon Totals:

26/32 days run   99.76 miles

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

7 thoughts on “BMF logged and very nearly 100 miles run.

  1. So near that 100. Amazing pace during the BMF workout not surprised your legs feel it after ward, mine would be Jelly.

  2. Ouch you run that quickly during the BMF classes?! That’s hard work! So close to your century – a nice motivation to get you out tomorrow.

  3. BMF and a run and on the verge of 100 miles – brilliant!

  4. My goodness BMF plus run. Celebrate that magic 100… Well done

  5. Wow! That all sounds very hardcore, impressed! At least you know you’ll have no issues with motivation tomorrow for your run! 🙂

  6. So nearly there, 100 needs to celebrated!!

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