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Small print.


Janathon Day 27.

Apparently it is a widespread problem.  Books, newspapers and labels everywhere are being printed with smaller and smaller type face!  That added to the fact that my arms seem to be getting shorter means I’m struggling to read even wearing my glasses or contact lenses!

So I found myself at the opticians today and a few hours later am now a fully paid up member of ‘middle old age’ with stronger prescriptions all round and (shock horror) a pair of varifocals!  Plus a slight feeling of relief that my refusal to accept my aging eyesight postponed the purchase of a new pair of specs for several years because varifocal lenses are blooming expensive!

Didn’t quite bounce out first thing as planned to get past the 100 mile mark this morning but after a delay of only an hour went out for what turned out to be a good run.  I even extended my planned 3 miles to 4 and managed one of my fastest paced Janathon runs.

Yippee – completed my  personal goal of running 100 miles this month!   

4.26 miles   37.15 mins.

Janathon Totals:

27/31 days run   104.02 miles.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

8 thoughts on “Small print.

  1. Well done on reaching the 100 mile mark.

  2. Excellent! Congratulations on passing the 100 mile mark and reaching your personal goal for the month – great work! And great pace today too 🙂

  3. Congratulations on 100 miles! You’re a star.

  4. Woohoo 100 miles! What a great month of running. Enjoy your clear sightedness too! 😀

  5. Huge congrats on 100 miles, nearly 4 marathons!
    So with you on the eye thing, I am in my 50’s and fighting the varifocals, but I think the time has almost come.

  6. Oh bah to old age. I bet you just look distinguished and super-intellectual in your new specs. Well done to a faster paced run than expected and *also* to getting past that 100 mile mark. You’re a champion.

  7. Well done on reaching the 100 mile mark 🙂

  8. 100 mile mark well done. As to glasses I have a pair for when contacts are not in and a pair to wear when reading when contacts are in really fed up with all of that and the recent perscription for varifocals, so fed up having laser eye surgery in February, to not have to put glasses on when I get up will be heaven. And the best thing-no running for a week!!

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