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3 days to go.


Janathon day 28.

I’ve got mixed feelings about getting towards the end of Janathon.  Part of me is tired and looking forward to a rest day (or two), some sleep and giving my calf muscles and Achilles some recovery time. I’ve had to be careful recently about mentioning to certain people that I’m a bit whacked at the moment because it gives them the opportunity to lecture me on the dangers of  not having rest days or, if its my mother, telling me it can’t possibly be good for me to run this much/far and that now it might be dangerous if I suddenly stop!

However, I’m going to miss the routine and the ‘having to’ go out and run everyday.  Yesterday afternoon while driving home I was thinking about what to cook for dinner and when to fit my run in around it.  Then I remembered that I had already run that morning!

I’ve averaged 26 miles a week this month which is my highest weekly training mileage.  I’m certainly feeling the benefits in my running and know that if I can keep up 20-25 miles per week, rather than 15 (on a good warm, dry week),  it will go along way in helping me improve my race times! 

Friday today,  so it was off for Friday 8.30 coffee (habit left over from kids old school drop off), before BMF (it was absolutely freezing today – I kept my gloves and hat on the WHOLE class) then more coffee to catch up on essential BMF gossip before home and a quick 2 miles round the block.  I needed a change of music today, but it had to be audiofuel, so ended up running to pyramid 180 even though I didn’t mean to do the sprints because of knackered calves.  Of course I’m so programmed/brainwashed I just did what I was told!  The upside was that my worn out legs managed to bash out 2 miles in good time so I got home quickly for a bacon butty.

Off to Isle of Wight this weekend so a nice change of running scenery and hopefully something new to blog about!

Only 3 days left…

1 hour BMF class.

2.07 miles   18.07 mins

Janathon Totals:

28/31 days run   106.09 miles

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

8 thoughts on “3 days to go.

  1. Non-runners can be very quick to point out the ‘dangers’ can’t they… I’ve had the same, although saying that running every day without too much problem has quietened some of them down now. I’ve found over the last few days that I’ve noticed I’m stronger for it generally, rather than feeling as tired as I was mid-month. Like you I’ve learnt a lot from it and will definitely take those lessons into my marathon training. The Isle of Wight sounds wonderful… have a great time and enjoy your scenic running 🙂

  2. Isle of Wight, lucky you and its always so nice to run somewhere else seems less of an effort somehow. Enjoy

  3. lol – know what you mean about being brainwashed into obeying audiofuel. It’s very ‘Simon Says’.

  4. Yup – it’s funny how people who have never run or exercised regularly know what’s best for those of us that do/are isn’t it?!?! Great mileage for the month, will feel bereft when it’s not there but must admit am looking forward to my first firday night off – have planned a night out to celebrate!

  5. Enjoy the Isle of Wright! I haven’t mentioned this to many people for that precise reason.

  6. How lovely to be running on the Isle of Wight, I went there so many times when I was a kid (I grew up in Bournemouth in the UK). Although my main memory is of Blackgang Chine . . . which I’m not sure even exists anymore . . .

    Anyway, I’ve also been thinking I’m going to “miss” Janathon. I never for a moment thought I actually could run every day. And I’m feeling so much stronger for it. I’ve been thinking about subscribing to Febulous (terrible name) to keep me going. http://marathontalk.winterswim.co.uk/index.php

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