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The Last Post


Janathon day 31.

So to the last post, well for Janathon anyway.

Janathon completed;   31 days run,   31 blogs,   125.14    miles in  20.6 hours.

When I started Janathon, I expected to have a good go at running every day but wasn’t sure whether I would be able to. Once started, I got caught up with the wonderful community of Janathoners and my personal challenge to complete what I’d started.    I’ve been very lucky not to get a cold or injury and most of all I have been surprised how much mileage I was able  to do. 

Thanks to Janathon: My runs now feel easier,  I enjoy running in the dark and in the rain, I know my neighbourhood much better and have even ventured out running before dawn (just the once).  I love taking my camera with me to enjoy my surroundings on scenic runs so long runs have become as enjoyable as a Sunday walk.  

I will try to maintain my weekly mileage (with rest days) but I won’t be going for evening trips around the block on days when I’ve already been to BMF!  I’ve also learned how to blog and intend to continue to blog occasionally and maintain the conversation with fellow janathon bloggers.

Most importantly I’ve a had a good time, found a great bunch of people, January has flown by, and I LOVE RUNNING! 

I couldn’t decide how far to run this morning for my last day.  My total mileage was 119.51.  Should I follow Shazruns and finish on a nice round number or copy Fortnightflo and try to find a  mileage with a good pattern?  I settled on rounding up to a suitable point.  My legs said no thankyou very much to the thought of 10.49 miles and as 0.49 was hardly worth putting on my running shoes for I finally trotted out, after a little bit of encouragement on twitter, to run 5.49 miles. Well just over. I can’t run while looking at my garmin too much without worrying about tripping over and as I was feeling like finishing in style I had a little sprint finish and overshot at bit.  Honestly where was everyone with the finish line at 5.49 miles exactly?

5.63miles   51.13 minutes.

Thank you Cathy for all your hard work in making Janathon happen.

Tomorrow I will have a rest day and a much overdue haircut.  I will be back at BMF and running on Wednesday and Thursday!

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

10 thoughts on “The Last Post

  1. Well done for Janathon, I hope you do keep it up with the running. Rest days seem to be the order of the day tomorrow for Janathoners!!!

  2. Congratulations! 31 days straight and you’ve caught the running bug. Fantastic stuff.

  3. Well done for trying to round up its is really the only way to go. Good luck with the BMF sessions. Glad Janathon has made you a runner lover!

  4. Well done on the fantastic mileage!

  5. Excellent mileage – well done on an amazing month. Those runs on BMF nights must’ve been some of the toughest challenges any of us went through so kudos to you on doing brilliantly!

  6. Well done for finishing strong, I didn’t quite manage my odd number! Hope you carry on posting as I’ve enjoyed your blog. BMF sounds really hardcore so I think it’s only fair for you to rest on those days!

  7. Well done on your brilliant Janathon achievements, most importantly in achieving a love of running! Please do keep up the blogs, although understandably less frequent! I’ve loved catching up with your runs 🙂

  8. What a lovely round number!
    (wish I’d thought of that!)

  9. Well done on a great Janathon final mileage and on running all 31 days! Great final Janathon post and totally agree with what you’re saying (apart from the bits relating to the BMF sessions of course, I’m not that hardcore!). Have really enjoyed your posts over Janathon and will return to see how you’re doing over coming months. 🙂

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