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Janathon Withdrawal Symptoms


Over the past week, since Janathon ended, I’ve been a bit lazy and felt listless, at a loose end, generally in need of diversion.  I’ve also been eating and drinking too much and feeling very sluggish… What was wrong with me?  Self diagnosis pointed at an acute bout of Janathon withdrawal symptoms.  The cure,  a 6 mile run and writing up my blog.  Hopefully it’s working.

So what running or exercise can I report since Monday?

Feb 1st.   Planned rest day.

Feb 2nd.  Britmilfit class

Feb 3rd.  Unplanned rest day.

Feb 4th.  Britmilfit class

Feb 5th.  (too little food and too much wine the night before!)

Feb 6th.  6.61 miles  time 1.03.41

So 6 days on and not much running going on, apart from today. At least I’ve not committed the ultimate sin of two rest days in a row.  Also my BMF class on Friday was filled with lots of running, always my favorite.  The Instructor was working on anaerobic conditioning – ie, just when we thought we were beat it was straight into non stop shuttle runs at max effort.  Yikes!  Nice to know however that janathon has improved my fitness because I look around and notice I’m more often in the middle of our group than always at the back.  I’m also reasonably pleased with my time of 7.41 when we ran a best effort mile.  

At the back of my mind I’m aware that I need to maintain and continue to improve my running fitness after Janathon so hopefully that will spur me on again for February.  Next week I plan to run 3 times and go to BMF 3 times.  Will report back on progress…

In case my fellow Janathoners are missing the Squirrel chat here’s a photo of a Canadian White Squirrel which my mother was sent by a family friend in Canada.

Now I’m going to read some blogs and catch up with fellow Janathoners and their February running.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

8 thoughts on “Janathon Withdrawal Symptoms

  1. Awwww… that squirrel looks dead cute… ooooh… ‘dead’ cute… you can see that squirrel too, can’t you?! 🙂 Good job on getting out for the 6 miles… I commited the ultimate sin and had two rest days… didn’t feel good for it today though, won’t be making that mistake again!! 🙂

  2. Feb 5th sounds like it was fun! Well done on the 7.41 mile incredible time, I feel age and wind resistance are against me attaining such a great time, but you never know the effects of Janathon rumble on.

  3. A great post-Janathon first week! Thanks for the squirrel porn – it’ll keep morale high amongst the Janathon troops.

  4. I want that squirrel! It’s soooooo cute.

  5. Yes, I think there’s a few people with post-Janathon blues. Which means it probably did the job for us all getting through the darkest month of the year. Enjoy your BMF sessions etc.

  6. Aah, how cute is that Canadian White Squirrel! Well done on your efforts in your first week post Janathon, think it’s good to incorporate some rest time now Janathon is over. And what an amazing time for your best effort mile, impressive! 🙂

  7. Ah I did commit the cardinal sin of 2 rest days – but I have no regrets! Well done on keeping yours up – the BMF sounds v hardcore…

  8. Has it worked?
    7.41 mile is fab!

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