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Half Marathon place restores mojo.


16 days down and 15 to go on my March challenge.  So how am I doing?  Well the scores on the doors are…

Run/exercise 12/16 days.   36.74 miles run,  plus 6 BMF classes.

I had a slump at the weekend. 

Last week was fairly good.   I even had a go at Audiofuel pyramid 200 intervals on Friday to ring the changes and make the most of a short run.  Great, but ouch! that reached muscles that other runs don’t reach.  I can’t believe intervals can make a relatively short run so tough!  Then,  at the weekend I got caught up in family stuff, felt tired, unmotivated and took the whole weekend off.   So I started this week feeling apathetic, sluggish and guilty having missed a good long run over the weekend.  On Monday at BMF, I didn’t feel much brighter. 

However, my mojo was restored on Tuesday by way of an email congratulating me on getting a place in the Royal Parks Half Marathon in the second chance draw!  I literally downed work tools (logged off) then and there and went for a great afternoon run in Hyde Park to celebrate.  Woo hoo 8 miles on a beautiful day! 

 Today, still feeling bouncy and keen,  I went ahead with my latest money-saving scheme of running to Hyde Park for BMF class at least once a week to save all the cash I waste paying to park.  2 miles there, a killer class and 2 miles home… I think ‘broken’ would be a good description of how I felt when I got home.  That will teach me…  I have to confess to having a little lunch time snooze, feet up on the sofa watching neighbours! 

Now that I do have a place in my local half marathon I find myself entered for 2 Half Marathons and 10 mile race over a 6 week period in the Autumn!  That will certainly be one way of making me maintain my mileage over the summer…

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

8 thoughts on “Half Marathon place restores mojo.

  1. Brilliant news about getting your place!

  2. We need to start making a list of people doing the royal parks half. There’s at least three of us (all with other half marathons really close to it).

  3. Oooh so many of us doing RPH. Think I’m going to treat Run to the Beat as the training run so I can keep up with all of you at Royal Parks!

    Well done on a run and BMF – HARDCORE!!!!

  4. Cant believe you are all doing RPHM, I am so jealous and guess I will don my new very expensive made especially for me sweatshirt and come along to cheer you all on, shaz the cheerleader, now where can I buy pom poms!?

  5. wow! well done, you have motivated me to get going again now too! ;o)

  6. Sooooo pleased you’re in aswell – see you there!

  7. Congrats on getting your half marathon place in the 2nd chance draw. Sounds like you’ve a busy spell coming up in the Autumn! I made the mistake of running to and from one of my running groups once on one of the few sessions they decided to take us out on a longer run and was suitably knackered afterwards -I haven’t run to or from it since! I can only imagine how you felt doing it to and from a BMF class!

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