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Stressed out in Hyde Park. Juneathon Day 1.


I woke up feeling less than creative for my first day of Juneathon so rather than trying to start the month with some new exciting form of exercise or a new running route I tootled off to my British Military Fitness class where not much thinking would be required.

Shock horror! me not running on the first day of Juneathon? Not Running everyday? For Janathon I did run everyday and even ran a couple of miles after BMF classes to keep it official.  Since then I have acquired a little more sense.  I assure you that there is plenty of running involved in BMF classes (about 4-5kms worth) I just don’t/can’t measure it (no watches, gps devices or pedometers allowed) and so I wont be logging running mileage on BMF days just “cross training”.

Juneathon Rule 1;  One BMF class is sufficient daily exercise.

So on this lovely sunny morning I rolled up to BMF in Hyde Park and became red number 14. The fast reds and green group had an instructor I’d not met before and we collected a few bars and medicine balls before we jogged off to get started.

I was a bit sceptical to start with because we were just doing static exercises with short runs in between and it all felt a bit easy…. ha ha!  not for long!  It started to build up soon enough, running a few hundred meters carrying a weight, then straight into squats, lunges  press ups etc using the weights before immediately running on to the next set. Then as we were out into the wide open spaces of Hyde Park, under the blazing sun, the instructor added in a new dimension…  I don’t know where he trained but there was a bit of US army influence in there…  He had all 15 of us holding static stress positions (squatted with hands over your head) for ages. Well long enough for passing foreign tourists to get their fill and a few photos.  All we needed was a nice orange boiler suit  to complete the look.

Throw in a few sprint races, bunny hops and duck walking plus a few strange exercises to exterminate the abs and we were nearly done.  All BMF classes however, are not complete without a good set of burpees which we did before the highlight of the class using the bars held overhead by team members as monkey bars while we hilariously tried to get to the other end before the bars were dropped and somebody got hurt!

Another good BMF session over, Day 1 Janathon Juneathon done.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

11 thoughts on “Stressed out in Hyde Park. Juneathon Day 1.

  1. The more I hear about BMF the more I am thankful that this is not a route I go down-yet!

  2. BMF must have been early in the day for you to have written this up so soon! Like your lego picture. Will look out for you if I do a lunchtime run in Hyde Park (I often go round the Serpentine lake, or if feeling more ambitious, more around the edge!)

  3. Great cross training with the BMF and start to Juneathon 🙂

  4. Great start and sounding ‘sensible’!?!

  5. oh my goodness!! the instructor was not Steph by any chance ? 🙂
    well done!! definitely equivalent to at least a 6 mile run ..

  6. Great start – had been toying with the idea of joining BMF locally….now not so sure!

  7. Wow, rather you than me! Very impressive!, think I’d be dead by the end of all that! Great start to Juneathon! 🙂

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