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Back in the ’80’s


Juneathon Day 2.  Woke up at 6, rolled over.  Alarm went at 7, snoozed it.  Next thing I know its 9am and I have to get on with the business of doing some work and trying to cajole/bribe/nag the Teenager to surface and contemplate a little light revision.  Morning run… postponed.

Juneathon Rule 2.  Run or exercise as early as possible because it gets harder as the day goes on.

By 5 O’clock, although I’d a good day and got some work done (I didn’t spend the time reading blogs – well just a few), had remained calm with the Teenager and his brother, my running motivation was sadly lacking. Thankyou fellow tweeters for sharing a lack of motivation,  “I’ll go if you go..” and reliableplodder for helping to incentivize our runs with the thought of returning to a large glass of wine!

So time to Run.  Running kit, shoes, contact lenses (who prints the info on so small?), sunglasses, iPod… (ah, no battery left), iPhone?… (needs charging too), Son’s iPod! (good idea) Garmin, (yay, fully charged).  Out the door, even remembered the letters to post.

There wasnt much on Sons iPod I fancied listening to, it certainly didn’t go as far as having any Audiofuel but I was delighted to find he had downloaded my ‘Ultimate 80’s movie hits’ album.

Whoo Hooo such fun!  Had a fantastic time.  Charged out the door fueled by 80’s hits ‘dancing’ all the way.  Now if you saw a crazy woman running up the hill towards Notting Hill and thought..  ‘Tut tut, can’t she act her age? ha ha she’s not going to make the top of the hill alive running at that pace!’.. well it wasnt me.

Juneathon Rule 2b.  Dont start a run at the bottom of a hill and select ‘Footloose’ by Kenny Loggin on your iPod if you want to be able to breathe at top of said hill.

I made it on to Hyde Park only to realise that I hadn’t paused to make sure my garmin had picked up a satellite. Id missed the first mile and a bit and we will never know how mad that mad footloose run up the hill was.  Anyway the album turned out to be a good mix of tempo and therefore pretty good interval training.  Full on to Footloose and chilled out to Unchained Melody.  All in all a fantastic 42 minutes of escapism in Hyde park.

While  was run-singing along lost in the 80’s I was wondering why I didn’t run back then?  I suppose I was too busy taking part in races of a different sort in the Union Bar!

Back to reality and the present day immediately on my arrival home.

‘Mum, What’s for supper?’…

4.7 miles 42.41 mins.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

9 thoughts on “Back in the ’80’s

  1. Love the Lego man! I used to have that hair! 🙂

  2. I too had an 80s experience with George Michael and Faith – as I was running up a hill. Perhaps this is a new hill-storming strategy?

  3. Sounds like a great run! 🙂

  4. Lol… Am loving the image of you throwing yourself up the hill to footloose! I always struggle to run at all to that song because my feet want to dance too much! Hope you enjoyed your wine 🙂

  5. Great rule 2b. I shall remember it.

  6. I run to the sounds of Absolute 80’s on the iPhone app! Takes me back…. I havent the legs to run the speeds I did back then, but at least I can still get out there – yeah to Juneathon!!!
    Keep it up & good luck!

  7. Love Lego man!! Am bow singing footloose in my head and totally imagining you going nuts to it… Perhaps we should bring an outdoor stereo to the juneathon picnic…ooh maybe we could actually make it 80s fancy dress!!!

  8. There are definitely more lego-men styles than there were in my day!
    Will you have enough different ones to last the whole of Juneathon?! 🙂

  9. Well done for getting out. Very brave of you to borrow sons ipod after getting him to revise. Motivating teenagers should actually count as Juneathon exercise tougher than the gym any day

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