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Running with my cat?


Juneathon Day 4. I set off out of the door this morning listening to Billy Idol so today’s blog title has to be sung to the tune from “Dancing with myself”.

‘Oh running with my-cat
Oh running with my-cat
Well there’s nothing to lose
And there’s nothing to prove
I’ll be running with my-cat’

Today I was not ‘dancing with myself’ like Thursday’s mad antics.  I woke up feeling tired and my back and legs ached from BMF yesterday so I really didn’t feel like running or doing much at all for that matter.  However, its Juneathon (I can’t give up on day 4)  and I’m out this evening and therefore can’t run later when it’s cool so that is why I ended up going out in the heat at 11am.  It was just a short loop around and in Holland Park  (I went, unsucessfully, to see the pigs that westlondonplodder mentioned in her blog) and was grateful for the shade of the park.  I wasn’t the only nut out running.  Saturday lunch time must be runner rush hour round here!

Anyway it wasn’t a great run.  My legs ached from the knees down and as usual I started out too fast leaving me feeling horrible. When I’m tired, I tend to try to get the run ‘knocked off’ as fast as possible. I think I need to adopt a much slower approach.

Juneathon Rule 3:  When feeling tired, achy or hot, run SLOWLY! (If at all?)

Now coming back to the cat… On the final stretch towards home I came across a girl carrying a cat.  A really attractive fluffy brown tabby cat. Nothing wrong in that but the girl was wearing running gear and the cat was attached to a lead.   Running with a cat? I did turn round for another look.  Yes, definitely running gear, not just wearing shorts on a hot day.  Yes did I see a lead.  Poor puss, it was very hot and it was a long-haired cat. Maybe that was why she was carrying it?  Next time I will be nosey and stop to admire the cat (ask questions!)

Although I felt I was running with a peg leg today, I didn’t see any mermaids, drink any rum, or find the fountain of youth… …But I did go and see Pirates of the Caribbean last night and that’s the best connection to this next lego figure I’m going to get all June!

Juneathon Day 4.  3.12 miles   29.45 mins.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

11 thoughts on “Running with my cat?

  1. I want that lego figure.

    And I insist, you must find out about the ‘running with my ca-at’ and now I can’t stop singing that!

  2. There’s a neighbours cat that regularly comes up to say ‘Hello’ by rubbing up against my legs as I’m stretching off after my runs, but since Juneathon started it’s mysteriously keeping it’s distance! Who says animals are dumb? This cat definately senses my heat-induced bad moods!!!

  3. Thats it what a great idea, my cat woke me at 5.15 this morning wanting to come in, next time I will take him for a run!

  4. Because, let’s face it, it the cat didn’t want to run, the cat wouldn’t run.

  5. Brilliant! sod the dog… next time, the cat’s coming with me!

  6. Running with a cat? Madness! You have an exceptional Lego collection. Truly exceptional 🙂

  7. shall I do extreme running and take the dog and both cats LOL

  8. My education in Lego continues! (I did know about Pirate Lego mind you).

    Maybe the cat lady could get a Pet Stroller? We saw a bloke on the underground in Brooklyn with one of these – the dog inside looked mortified by the whole situation.

  9. Now I’m not really a car person, but this reminded me of when I lived in Richmond and we’d often see the grumpiest cat in the world on our street. Fudgee was not much of a runner, what with only having three legs 🙂 No quitting! http://www.flickr.com/photos/auswomble/8655738/

  10. Running with a cat? Well my first response was “that’s impossible”. No way a cat would belittle itself by running with a pesky human. But oh poor kitty, in a harness and everything.

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