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Juneathon Day 9. It must be living with the constant noise of a pneumatic drill next door at the moment that made me a little less tolerant of human kind today because as I went out to run I was very aware of other people’s annoying behaviour so I started ranting and thinking about pedestrian and runner etiquette.

… When running down a hill on a busy pavement please give way to people running up hill. We are the ones doing all the hard work while you free wheel. YOU do the ducking and diving! When you have overtaken me on a steep slope, there’s no need to look so smug about it. I’m probably old enough to be your mother so you really should be faster than me ok? And if you are loads older than me please carry on and gloat away quietly and well done you. Now when you have just overtaken me please don’t then run right in front of me at my pace (yes, just like on the motorway) unless, of course, you have a particularly attractive rear! When in a very busy park full of runners I don’t expect all runners to acknowledge each other, (at some times of day practically everyone in Hyde Park is a runner and we would all be grinning like idiots or nodding like donkeys), but… when we run directly past each other wearing identical RPHM running tops there is enough comedy in the situation to warrant a small embarrassed grin or giggle. You don’t have to pretend to be checking your watch and ignore me when I say ‘snap’!

I won’t start on pedestrians and irresponsible dog walkers with extendable leads – that’s another story. Well actually I do really need to get off my chest my annoyance that when I’m running on pavements, at least 1 in 3 people walking towards me are too busy texting and are not looking where they are going and are totally oblivious to people around them, (more dodgems for me!) …

Anyway, while ranting this morning my feet took me to Hyde Park where I ran part of the perimeter and a return loop by the serpentine. I suffered a bit at first because I’d tied my shoes up a bit too tight and my feet were hurting and Achilles playing up. It was also hotter than it looked first thing and having consigned my shorts and vest to the wash I found I was too warm in T-shirt and half leggings.

Not as hot than running in one of these though…

But I did look like this by the end!

I got settled into the run after a few miles and enjoyed a little more time with the Bee Gees. (Finally working out how to set my nano to double-click to skip tracks made a difference too.) My favourites so far have to be ‘Nights on Broadway’ and ‘You Win Again’.

Now I also have to make a public apology to the American tourist who interrupted me mid flow in ‘Night Fever’ to ask for directions to Hyde Park Corner. I realised as I ran off afterwards that I’d sent her to the wrong corner! (Speakers) So she got to walk a bit further than necessary today. Just me spreading the Juneathon love!

6.25 miles 60.31 mins

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

17 thoughts on “Running etiquette.

  1. I like to run to the BeeGees too … thanks for making me feel a bit more ‘normal’!

  2. Oh that’s hilarious – I love it !! I had a woman with the dog on the extendable lead thing today, who actually said to me ‘You might want to run over there so you don’t trip over the lead..’ She was stationary, so by the time she finished her sentence she was talking to the back of my head. Funny. Then there was the woman at Victoria station later, we’re both crossing the road she’s looking right down the road not seeing me on her left – then when she sees the route is clear she changes trajectory and walks straight into me and then (the best bit) she tuts. At me ! I’m not the one that changed route and wasn’t looking where she was going. I was VERY tempted to say something, but I bit my tongue.

    I run in Hyde Park on Mondays, starting at Speaker’s Corner, straight round the park, coming in at the bridge, go under the bridge and round the Serpentine, then round the Diana memorial up that little hill and and left and all the way along to Hyde Park Corner and back up to Speaker’s Corner. It’s about 4 miles. Well done on your Juneathon efforts, nearly 10 down, that’s nearly half way !!!! :o) KG

  3. @AFatGirlRunning blogged today about not wanting to carry an umbrella. I think an umbrella (or some sort of big stick) would come in quite useful for all these ignorant people we come across while out Juneathoning!
    ‘Nights on Broadway’ my fave track too! Well done for a cracking 6.25 miles.

  4. Great post, made me laugh out loud! I think we’ve all thought those a lot of those same things at some point on our runs, I know I certainly have anyway! 🙂

  5. love it… it made me laugh thank you

  6. Juneathon rant book sounds like a marvellous idea!

  7. Grrrr – the downhill/uphill bit especially, I am sooo bad at running uphill to have some huge man thundering towards me is actually quite scary. Great rant.

  8. Now, are you sure that it was a ‘mistake’ to send her to the wrong corner….? Honestly?

  9. In Sydney I almost never get an acknowledgement of my presence when out running. I often give a little nod or rueful grin, but get nothing back. Hmm. Whereas down the coast at my parents place you spend the whole time saying “good morning” and “lovely day” every five seconds, almost to the point where it gets wearing.

  10. “When you have overtaken me on a steep slope, there’s no need to look so smug about it.” – love it.
    Cyclevrun has different thoughts about etiquette though http://cyclevrun.wordpress.com/2011/06/01/etiquette/

  11. There’s nothing better than a good rant. Well done so far with Juneathon. I’ve just joined in. Had a crap run today. Legs felt like lead weights!

  12. I agree with your etiquette pain!
    When I’m a pedestrian I hate drivers, cyclists, slow walkers and large groups. When I’m a runner I hate runners (who are better than me) running passed me, pedestrians, drivers and cyclists. When I’m a cyclist I hate pedestrians and drivers. When I finally learn how to drive I am sure I will hate fellow drivers then too (basically all the time I hate drivers). No one seems to have any common sense and are just too selfish (or stupid). Except us lovely Juneathoners! I would never hate you.

  13. Love it! And I agree with ALL of your rant.
    You can double click a nano to skip tracks? I’ll have to have a look at that.

  14. Great rant and I agree with it all, get really fed up with dog walkers who expect me and my tired legs to go the long way round!

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