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Or for those of you who run in metric,  kilometage?

Juneathon Day 12.  The Running free totals table for Juneathon here is certainly firing the competitive spirit and boosting the motivation of  many of us Juneathoners even though there isn’t a prize for winning.

From  reliableplodder who “…discovered that I had been leap frogged by quite a few fellow Juneathoners who had done a long weekend run. I had slipped out of the top 20, …” .  To @jogblog tweeting ‘Whoop whoop. I’m 28th at the mo…’ (Sorry jogblog, I’ve just logged a run and hopped back over you, so you are 29th… until someone else leaps over us that is!)

Whatever is driving us, whether it’s,  to run the most, be in the top 10, achieve a mileage goal or just run everyday it is certainly working.  Most importantly from reading all the blogs we seem to be enjoying ourselves!

Me, I ‘m aiming to run  at least 100 miles for Juneathon. Today, realising it was day 12 I calculated that to be on target I should be at 40 miles. I therefore had to go out and run at least 5 miles.

Fortunately my lower limbs were feeling OK so I set off quite happily, even though it was raining, feeling I had a job to do.

Talking about competitiveness…. On the way home running down a hill there was a male runner a way in front going a bit slow, well he was mincing really, so I thought I should be horrible and smug and go and overtake him and show him how it should be done!  unfortunately, I caught up with him at the point I turn right so never got the satisfaction!  I blame it all on the lyrics going through my ears at the time (yes, sorry still can’t shake off the Bee Gees fixation)

‘I’m gonna break down your defenses
One by one
I’m gonna hit you from all sides
Lay your fortress open wide
Nobody stops this body from
Taking you

You better beware, I swear…’

(from You Win Again. Bee Gees.)

5.71 miles   53.35 min

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

18 thoughts on “Mileage

  1. You’re right… even though I had told myself I didn’t care where I was placed, after reading jogblogs tweet I had to see where I was… as suspected I’m not doing as well as Janathon as I haven’t run everyday but I was still pleased with my position and it made me think… maybe I should run (just a little) more!

  2. All this justling for postion, tut tut, won’t catch me being that competitve
    a) I need to actually run
    b) can’t think of one…
    but hey just blasted out ‘so you win again’ on my laptop, OH now looking very perturbed.

  3. That old competative spirit gets right under the skin. Well done getting your 5 in today. Good luck with your jostling for position.

  4. I’ve slightly cocked up on recording my mileage as I keep forgetting to write it down. This is causing me frustration as I’m an over competitive little shister and love seeing where I am on the table. Must get better at remembering numbers!

  5. go fairweather go! xx

  6. Bah, you have indeed leap-frogged me into 29th place.
    My only goal for this Juneathon was to run every day. I was curious and had a look to see where I was on the leaderboard and was pleasantly surprised! Now I’m wondering if I should try and make 100 miles…
    Damn this stupid challenge!

  7. I must admit I haven’t looked……….
    28th! You go girl!!

  8. Off to look not that I’m competitive at all but may consider rise at 3 to do 15 miles before work – ah NO

  9. Oh no. Not the table! That way lies temptation and obsession.

  10. oops! realised on the ‘time’ table that I had logged 35 hours instead of 35 minutes in May for one of my runs, that is now fixed, looking at some of the leaders on the ‘time’ category it may be not just me LOL
    is there a way to sort it based only on June? seems a bit weird to include totals from the entire year?

  11. Hey you. Thanks for posting that link about the leaderboard thingy in Juneathon. Am I right in that you can’t sort/filter it to show mileage/hours/etc in June alone? Obviously for those ppl that just joined in June there’s all the prior-month activity that skews the results, which makes me sad. Do you know how do fix??

    Also – I cannot believe that there are so many different Lego men (or women). I may have mentioned that once or twice. 😉 x

    • OK I’ve just read the answer from above so I can see how to sort it. But I find it hard to believe that some people have truly posted over 200 hours in just 11 days. Is that even possible?

      My comment about the Lego remains accurate.

  12. Mincing male runners of the world unite!

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