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Juneathon day 13. Monday morning. Ugh and blah!

The builders next door started drilling at 8.30am, a bit of a shock after a peaceful weekend, and still being half asleep I downed more coffee and water and took myself out of the house and off to BMF.  An instructor I’d not met before took our group, a split of greens and reds.  A bit worrying because he was using language like tough, blast, hardcore and beasting.  We were going to blast away loads of calories and get ourselves a six-pack…  Now as a particularly sleepy person who had rolled up to BMF mainly to get out of the house and avoid the drilling, I just stood there numb, looking vacant thinking ‘Whatever’…

I apologise that for this blog I am going to have to repeat a mini figure.  Basically there is no other one as suitable because this morning we were Spartans!  There were no such words as ‘Sorry’ (‘you’re not sorry – you’re a Spartan’) and ‘Can’t’ (‘of course you can – you’re a…’ you get the picture).

We did have a fun and tough circuits class.  Pretty much non stop,  running between trees and the other side of the pitch doing press-ups, burpees, sit-ups and squat thrusts in sets of 2,4,6,8 and 10 all to shouted motivation ‘Come on you Spartans!’ ( ie no slacking).  We continued with sprinting on the spot and shouting down from 10 to 1, (if you were in Hyde Park this morning you’d have heard us), sprinting forwards and then repeated lying down (in the mud) on front then back and jumping up again and so on.

All  this was under the instruction to be mentally strong and tough it out, the idea being to get our minds as fit as our bodies to succeed.  As usual I always enjoy the class and get faster towards the end.  Not particularly because of the ‘motivational’ chat nor because I was getting mentally more hardcore but due to the fact that these days it takes me a while to warm up and wake up!  Once we were over the initial shock tactics required to get us moving (referred to as getting our money’s worth) on a Monday morning we had a good time. The greens (advanced) were getting it in the neck for a bit too much chat and so got a bit of extra motivation with extra exercises while us ‘goodie too shoos’ reds looked smug as we were told we were working harder than them!

I don’t know why I’m blogging about mental fitness today because if the drilling next door doesn’t stop soon you are going to have to call these guys to come and take me away!

Day 13.  1 hour BMF class.

3 weeks ago I posted a photo of the swans on the Serpentine with their babies.  Here’s an update taken at post BMF coffee today.

Haven’t they grown?

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

15 thoughts on “Mental fitness…

  1. You are a hardcore spartan for sticking it out. That instructor sounds very annoying!

  2. Yep think I would have told him what to do with his Spartans.

  3. I so love your entries. Thanks for keeping up with Juneathon posts. They help me stay motivated!

  4. I really don’t know where you find the energy. It’s exhausting just reading about your bmf classes!

  5. Blimey – stick that in your spartan pipe and smoke it Mr BMF man. Isn’t it funny how all that ‘pain is weakness leaving the body’ stuf works brilliantly some days and is just total nonsense on others?

  6. Gulp! Hope he isn’t coming to our park anytime soon! LOL
    Swans too gorgeous 🙂

  7. I think I could do with a BMF coach to stop me being such a slacker. Sounds scary!

  8. I was sulky enough when a racquet ball instructor encouraged us to do shuttle runs while balancing a ball on a bat – I am in awe of you, especially on a Monday!

  9. Very Spartan of you – well done for surviving and excelling by the sounds of it. V cute icklee babies… they’ve grown so big!

  10. Very good going for a Monday morning, sounds tough but bet you felt all smug for having done it afterwards 🙂

  11. Very impressed for a Monday morning and does sound hard work..

  12. You are hardcore and that sounds terrifying. I don’t think I’ll ever bother going!

  13. Oh my word, that sounded hardcore!!!

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