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A frustrating day.


Juneathon Day 14.  Two weeks done already!

I do have to confess that over the first few weeks of Juneathon I have had a little assistance with my blog from my creative son, The Teenager, in retaking photos to ensure they were in focus and helping choose or assemble an appropriate mini figure to go with a day’s blog.  It was nice having him to show an interest in my blog and soo good of him to ‘tear himself away from his revision’ for his end of year exams!  …Normal service is now being resumed now that evenings are his own (no homework) and he is winding down for the last weeks of term.  (I know, its only June, it’s absolutely shocking, they’ve only just gone back after Easter!).  So he is far too busy running a sever and ruling over  a world in  Minecraft and his only interest in me has returned to when and what is supper!

A very frustrating day, waiting in for a parcel that would never arrive and trying to concentrate on work while the builders next door continue to make enough noise and vibrations and try to send me bonkers and shake our house to pieces!  By the time I had a phone call explaining my package would not arrive, because the sender had just received it back, I had just eaten a large sandwich so couldn’t go straight out to run and have a break.  I then had to wait for younger son to ring after school and confirm if he was coming straight home himself or would need collecting else where later.

I finally went out to run at 5.30pm and realising how warm it was, I was very grateful I’d not run earlier.  It wasn’t a great run, my legs were heavy and aching and I had a slight stitch most of the time.  I ended up in the park where at least I could loop from water fountain to water fountain.  It was one of those runs which I would not have done if not for Juneathon and wanting to keep on target for my 100 mile goal. (I would have instead chosen to have an early (large) glass of wine to make up for a bad day.)

Although I felt weary for most of it, by the last mile and a bit I was feeling fresher and enjoying myself.  I even sped up a little at the end, although that was partly to avoid the shame of being over taken by a girl in a suit running for the bus!

4.63 miles   44.33 mins

1 large glass of wine avoided, (200 calories).  483 calories burnt!

Quids in!

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

5 thoughts on “A frustrating day.

  1. I dunno, but over 4 and a half miles in 44mins is pretty good actually. Well done on getting to the half-way mark of Juneathon 🙂

  2. I’m very impressed that you forewent a glass of wine after that day.

  3. Me too – don’t worry we’ll make up for that at the picnic…

  4. The leaderboard says you’ve done 46 miles, so you are well on the way to achieving your 100 mile target! You’ve already achieved so much too…going out and completing a fast 4.6 miles even when you didn’t really want to shows your determination and commitment to succeed. And you avoided the wine…just think how much better it’s going to taste on day 30!!! Can’t wait!

  5. All sounds very annoying. Well done for still going out for a run. Reckon you’ll have no problem hitting your target 🙂

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