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Tired and grumpy


Juneathon Day 15.  Half way folks!

Instead of feeling good because we are half way there and everyone has achieved so much…. I’m feeling tired and grumpy today. Running too much perhaps? Juneathoned out? Certainly not!  No, my source of tiredness and grumpiness was from BMF this morning where, I was hungry (I had had breakfast!) and we had the same instructor as Monday.  Nooo – I just couldn’t face hard-core, full on and same again!  Enough said – I was not a ‘Happy Spartan’ today.

So I came home and downed a yummy chocolate Forgoodness Shakes to set me up for tomorrow when normal happy Juneathon running will be resumed.

Day 15  1 hour BMF class.

Juneathon totals at half way point

11 Runs.  45.69 miles

5 BMF classes

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

11 thoughts on “Tired and grumpy

  1. Me too maybe its a Juneathon sympton think I need more than a for goodness shake to get me going to day and I’ve not run YET. Help!!

  2. Have a good run – take it easy!

  3. LOL! he does sound vicious – definitely a one way ticket home methinks 🙂

  4. Hopefully you’ll have a different instructor at your next class! 😉

  5. There is someone that will make you run harder than any wimpy BMF instructor. 😉

  6. Just looked up these yummy chocolate Forgoodness Shakes you mention – sound v nice actually, might give them a try. Hope you have an enjoyable run tomorrow 🙂

  7. Oh that’s a shame, you seem to enjoy your BMF classes normally, but I know what difference a change in instructor can make. Will normal service be resumed soon do you think?

  8. I had loads of shouty PT instructors during my time in the forces! Don’t want to put myself through all that again, prefer to work at my own pace these days. The fact is, it does motivate you to push yourself, even when you don’t feel like it (and dont particularly like it at the time!), so good on you for having the courage to better yourself in this way, a HUGE ‘well done’ to you.

  9. What is BMF anyway? Bums midriff and face?

  10. The lego man on the left looks pretty dischuffed, but the fellow on the right seems to have accepted that what does not kill us makes us stronger. Juneath – On!

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