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Brading 10K


Juneathon day 19. Brading 10K.

As we spend a fair amount of time on the Isle of Wight I’ve been meaning to run one of the races organised by Ryde Harriers since I started running. To date I’ve either not been here at the right time, have wimped out because of heat waves or bad weather and come up with numerous other excuses. However as we were in the right place this weekend, the weather looked suitable and it being Juneathon and all, I was left with no excuse but to run the Brading 10K when I realised it was this weekend.

The race starts and finishes from the Isle of Wight speedway stadium near Ryde and includes a lap of the track at the end. I turned up fairly early as I was entering on the day. I was a little worried that as I was only no 63 that it would be a very small club race and with the ‘undulations’ mentioned in the details I’d be at the back!

They were a friendly bunch and I had a chat with a couple of ladies as we jogged a couple of warm up laps and talked to another who was doing her first 10K. We then all gathered in a huddle by the start line ( towards the back for some of us!) and where given a few words of information such as keep to the left and advised not to wear headphones. Then we were off.

I’ve done a number of 10Ks but this was a new experience because of the small number of runners and the fact that the race was on roads which were still open to traffic. We turned out of the stadium and headed down the smallish country road. At this stage most people were still bunched together so we took up most of one side of the road and several cars just had to stop and wait it out. We turned into the appropriately named Green Lane (A rural lane with smooth tarmac and high green hedges on either side) and the field of runners spread out pretty much into single file. A great advantage, I found, over the mass 10Ks where I have spent my time weaving through the field. Then we started going gradually uphill. The hills were not very steep nor high, as feared, however they went on and on! The first climb to West lane was over a distance of 2km the another from Brading, just before 5km, carried on up to Ryde at the 8km point. I knew the area just well enough to know I had to keep going up hill until I passed certain landmarks. The highest point was where there is a drive-in McDonald’s. Boy was I pleased to see McDonald’s for the frist time in my life!

I do a bit of running in IOW and some of it on the roads, however it was a new and somewhat exhilarating experience to run a road race on roads with no pavements with cars passing within a foot or so of your elbow. 3km of the race was on a fairly busy A road (all up hill) which kept the level of concentration going! We were in single file and by this stage I’d managed to overtake 4 people and had to get round another on a busy bit of road when there was a gap in the traffic. There was a wonderful bit of downhill after 8km where I managed to make up a little for my slow pace on the uphill stretch and before long the stadium was in sight. A final lap where I almost caught up with the runner who had been 50m in front of me for most of the race!

A friendly, well organised and marshalled race. Finishers received a commemorative slate mug mat, a nice change from another medal to hang on my wardrobe door. I’m pleased that I managed to run it only 50 secs slower than the Bupa 10K I ran 3 weeks ago. This was a tougher race but I felt stronger even on less than fresh legs after 57 miles and 18 consecutive days running (or BMF classes) of Juneathon!

6.2 miles 53.56 mins

I was 76th out of 99 finishers and 15th of 33 women!

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

7 thoughts on “Brading 10K

  1. That sounds like a fabulous race and a very impressive time! Well done you.

  2. Well done Rachel, 10/10 for effort and commitment to the cause!

  3. Well done. I love the coaster.

  4. That sounds much more pleasant, if hillier, than the bupa. And I’ve pencilled in wormwood scrubs for Saturday.

  5. Great result, well done. Sounds like a great race experience too 🙂

  6. That sounds like a lovely run – if you like hills! Great finish time as well considering BUPA was flat in comparison. Love teh mat as well as an alternative, although I am still new to races so would probably drill a hole in it and put a ribbo through it so it looks liek a medal…

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