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Juneathon Day 20. I know ouch or ouchy ouchy has been used as a blog title by other Juneathoners but its appropriate today so I will borrow it.

No, it wasn’t my legs that ached this morning after yesterday’s race the ouch bit is where my sports bra has removed the surface of a patch of skin right on my ribs. The offending article of clothing had rubbed during the Bupa 10k but it had since healed and I forgot about the problem for yesterday’s race! Ouch,  this time it removed the skin.  Like many Juneathoners before me, both male and female, I’ve learnt the hard way about the need for a little anti chafing cream!

We had some excitement (and distraction) at the start of BMF today when a soldier riding in Hyde Park was thrown from his horse. He was ok but it took them a while to catch the loose horse which took off in the direction of the road. Us BMFers stopped still quite happily, while a few of the more horse experienced tried to help, and then got out the way sharpish.  Some filming was also taking place in the park and we were asked to move on because we were not what they wanted by way of background scenery!  No chance of fame then and we never did find out what they were filming.

My legs coped with the running today but as soon as they were asked to do anything like burpees or squat thrusts, which stretch the hamstrings, then it was a lot more ouch!  Sometimes at the beginning of BMF classes it’s quite comical when we are all asked if there are any injuries. The poor instructor then gets a list of countless ailments from us sorry lot and what exercises we “can’t” do. (Some instructors now ask for only ‘serious‘ injuries or if there is anything they ‘really need to know‘!)  So maybe until the end of Juneathon I’m now going to have a hamstring injury preventing me from doing squat thrusts and the like!

1 hour BMF class.

Juneathon 2/3 completed!

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

7 thoughts on “Ouch.

  1. Brilliant Lego set today! Well done for even going to BMF the day after a race! That’s hardcore.

  2. Are you sure you didn’t make up the horse story to give the excuse for a fab Lego tableau?

  3. Tomorrow I would like to request a tableau involving a dragon, some pirates and a badger. You know, just in case something snuffly, piratey and fire breathing occurs…

    I remain in awe of modern Lego.

  4. Love the Lego diorama today…think you need to have a day of yoga/pilates to streeetch those muscles out – or invest in a foam roller!

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