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Someone didn’t have their Weetabix!


Juneathon Day 22. This morning I slept my way through a BMF class.

Yes, I do have to admit, I was fairly pathetic today. I turned up rather sleepy and was quite happy to lie on the grass and pretend I was back in bed while we waited to start. I then carried on to give my poorest effort at BMF for a long time. Generally dawdling along at the back of the group, yawning, barely able to hold my hips off the ground in the plank, running at half speed and using my sore ankle as best excuse not to do jump squats (or anything else that looked like too much hard work).

I did rally a bit towards the end, by which time I was almost awake and able to pick up some more speed on warmed up legs. At the end I atoned, a little, for my slothness by churning out a minutes worth of near perfect (we’re a modest lot) burpees!

Now some might blame todays weariness on the fact I’ve either run or been to BMF everyday for the past 22 days (and ran a race at the weekend). Pah no, nothing to do with Juneathon! – It’s all because I didn’t have my Weetabix this morning because the cupboard was bare. Younger son has taken to eating 4 a day and I’ve been too busy running to catch up with the shopping!

1 hour BMF class.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

13 thoughts on “Someone didn’t have their Weetabix!

  1. that sounds like my normal BMF class!!! LOL

  2. My burpees are anything but near perfect, I can barely get my feet off the ground! I need lessons from your bmf class!

  3. LOL – online shopping is the way forward, I have a recurring order I just add or subtract the odd things et voila!

  4. Know that feeling, no lunch today as worked through and could have eaten that lego horse tonight but dare not eat too much as running after eating, vicious circle.

  5. Understand how it feels not eating your Weetabix… The BMF classes still seem hard especially first thing in the morning, great lego pic..

  6. Now I’ve read your post I’m wondering whether my day may have been due to a lack of porridge, I always start my day with porridge… Not today 😦 hope you’re sorted for weetabix tomorrow x

  7. [sings] I will survive. As long as I’ve had weetabix I know I’ll stay alive…

  8. You will need a LOT of cereal for tomorrow’s activities avec lapain mauvais. If you haven’t got a big enough bowl then use the cement mixer from the builders next door – I’m sure they won’t mind! Oh and also we’ll need a rain-dance for tomorrow. What’s the colour scheme as well – my bright pink top is in the wash!!

  9. Oh no you 2 aren’t doing a badly not colour co ordinated meet up run again!
    As for junior eating all the Weetabix, the ability of teenage boys to empty a fridge has never failed to amaze me, one minute full…next the plague of locusts has emptied it. Have you noticed when they arrive with friends they move as one through the house, eating, drinking and then all squashed on one sofa…most odd.

  10. I will be sporting quite probably BLACK top thus coordinating perfectively with whatever Ms FairWeather decides! Unless there is a new colour which is the new black. Erk!

  11. From your descriptions of your BMF classes they sound you need all the energy you can muster for them and then some so I’m not surpirised you weren’t full of beans having not had your weetabix to count on! Great lego pic 🙂

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