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Donuts and Bananas


Juneathon Day 24. BMF again today.

Things are getting a little competitive in Juneathon world.  There’s quite a bit of friendly banter and elbowing for a position in the top 10!  It’s catching too.  I’m not near the top 10  (just want to meet my target of 100 miles) however when badwabbit tweeted that I was 19th (for a brief moment) it did make me have some daft thoughts (for more than a moment) about running lots of extra miles!  So this morning when I happened to be at Hyde Park early for BMF and I happened by chance to have my garmin with me, I went along with the daft idea and decided to go for a brief warm up run before the class and grab and extra mile for Juneathon. Shame I  didn’t have longer for a couple more!

At BMF I didn’t have to try very hard to make sure I wasn’t in the fast group because after yesterday’s long run my legs weren’t up for big efforts and the pretty tough warm up and split down were rather exhausting.   My calves and achilles, which have been tight on recent runs, were not too painful so the warm up run obviously did them good.  So much for middle group for an easier ride!  We ended up doing the exercises for Beat the Instructor a challenge BMF is running with Mens Fitness and Maximuscle (BTI) which the instructors at our park have been trying to persuade us all to participate in.

The challenge consists of 10 (20 for men) burpees, sit ups and pressups then 3 return shuttle runs (where you lie down and your chest touches the floor after each return), all repeated three times.  Sounds straight forward? Except that, on each burpee you have to lie down fully in between (not just a squat thrust) and your hands must be lifted off the ground and similarly between each pressup and the back of your hands must touch above your head for situps.  Oooh hard work, I don’t think it was all to do with my 10 miles yesterday.  The burpees were the worst.  I’m normally not too bad at them because I find I can get a decent rhythm going but you can’t do that when you have to lie down and lift your hands off.

Needless to say I don’t think any of us set any records today.  We were joking that we’d need a time handicap for being old! (Ok,  well I was.)  Even if handicaps were possible I still don’t think I’d be in any danger of even getting anyway near the leaderboard!

After class as we gathered ready to go for  coffee, somebody was handing out donuts.  Many of us accepted one out of politeness without thinking but not really wanting to eat one (well certainly not a whole one)…. Until rescued from our bad habits by our wonderful Guardian Angel and reminded that they were the worse kind of donuts, pure hydrogenated fat and white sugar and that we would be ranting and raving on a sugar high in 20 mins if we ate one!  Two of us had the donut literally removed from our hands as we raised it to mouth and thrown in the bin!  We sulked a little and were offered a banana at the cafe in compensation.  By then I’d actually tasted the mouthful I had eaten and was very happy for a banana instead.  At least, as we discussed later, it gave me a humourous theme for today’s Lego scene and something to blog about.  Shame I couldn’t find that Lego banana, but the real one and the latte went down a treat!

1 mile  9.08 mins

1 hour BMF class

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

12 thoughts on “Donuts and Bananas

  1. The challenge sounds like it would be easy if you didn’t have to do all those other bits as well as lying down…. 😉

  2. Boo to the donut confiscator. It has a hole in the middle how can that be bad for you, only has calories around the outside!

  3. Wow, that BMF sounds like hard work – well done you for throwing yourself into it! Fantastic Lego too!

  4. Love those donut-deprived little Lego faces!

  5. You were saved, you have a donut angel in your midst, hope you are compensating for your loss with healthy wine this evening.

  6. Ahhhh that explains a lot about yesterday for me!?! Wondered where that ‘low’ came from?

  7. I live near a drive through doughnut shop…

  8. After experiencing something BMF-esque at the beginning of this week, I have total respect for what you accomplished today… including managing not to eat the donut… even if it did have to be wrenched from your hand (you’d have had to wrestle me to the ground!!! 🙂

  9. You’re an awesomely speedy runner Ms Rachel-B. You’ll get to 100 no problems. Just let me know your availability next week 🙂 xx

  10. 100 miles? absolutely no problemo for you!! and that BMF session sounds like it was very hard work, think I will remain in the blues for the time being! love the lego figures, must admit I would have scoffed the doughnut – and the banana! the banana cancels out the doughnut – LOL

  11. a run and BMT?! I happilly run over 10 miles but I have done BMT once and I almost died!!

  12. Ooh, that does sound like a particulalry tough BMF class, well done for doing it and getting a run in 🙂

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