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Thunder run.


Juneathon day 28.  A first for fair-weather me, torrential rain, thunder and lightning!

I set off for my run at lunch time, it had tried to rain but had fizzled out so I took the risk of being rained on and went for it.  I noticed at about 3.5 miles that there was a certain amount of rumbling going on in the sky.  I turned off the Bee Gees and then could definitely hear thunder.  The sky was getting dark and suddenly Hyde Park wasn’t so busy.  The rain started just before 4 miles and got heavier and heavier.  I was a little worried about being in a park with all that thunder and by now lightning and was thinking about whether it was best to be under the trees or to run in the middle of the path as far away as possible.  I took off my iPod and (because of lack of pockets in my warm weather shorts) stuffed it down my bra in case the metal attracted lightning.  I also worried if my garmin was waterproof enough and if that would fit in my bra too!!  Running in a downpour was fun though! Other runners actually grin and laugh at the shared madness of it all and wearing only running vest and shorts I wasn’t hampered by soggy clothes and was warm as long as I kept moving.  I did think I should have brought the shower gel.  I headed for home and got plenty of strange looks running through Notting Hill, half-dressed, in the pouring rain by people cowering under umbrellas. Near home I checked my mileage and had only ran 5.5 miles when I’d planned to run 6.  By then the rain had eased and there was a warm breeze so I went on to add my local 2 mile loop as a ‘blow dry’ because I was feeling good and had the feeling that ‘table of doom’ was  pushing me on and on and on…  Until it started to thunder again and I high-tailed it home just in time before the really scary lightning and thunder started with more torrential rain.

Now before all the rain and thunder storms started, as I was starting out on my run my main problem was wondering what to blog about and what, in the absence of my creative assistant (school boy warning – he’s on a school trip in Yorkshire), I was going to do for Lego today.  I’d quite made my mind up to do a team pic of all the cast to-date and ask for nominations for the next two days.  But then, running via the back streets of Kensington I saw a man waiting for the AA to fix his Ferrari trying to look cool talking on his mobile while being sheepish at the same time.  Lego sorted.

7.65 miles   1 hr 11.15

2 days to go and 91.43 miles run…. (plus 10  BMF classes!)

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

7 thoughts on “Thunder run.

  1. Glad to hear that others think /have the same worries in the thunder and lightening – but how wonderful to be out in it and enjoying it – I was sitting in the office cursing as the lightening kept tripping the computer!

  2. Well done, brave ALL Weather Runner. I don’t think you’d get zapped for your ipod just so long as there were taller runners around you! xx

  3. Wow, running in a thunder storm, now that’s brave! Fortunately it’s been sunny and warm all day here in Manc Land!

  4. That certainly was brave, nothing fairweather about it – I’m not too keen on being outside when there’s thundering and lightening as it scares me, much prefer to be indoors, safe! Sounds like you had a great run though, another fab lego pic too 🙂

  5. I had cycled to work and watched the rain from the office all colleagues concerned I would get wet on the way home, I wasn’t worried and it all cleared up by 5-shame. Well done for adding a 2 mile loop.

  6. Though I’m not convinced by your maths. Adding two miles to five and a half to get to six…

  7. very brave, especially in Hyde park with trees around! well done on your Juneathon totals 🙂

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