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Indiana Jones and the Table of Doom.


Juneathon day 29. 1 Day to go…

Oooh ahh um… what to blog about today? My legs are weary and my mind is not much better. Added to that, the absence of my creative assistant, (who is obviously having a good time, has not run out of money, and is being fed acceptable amounts of food, because I have not heard a single dot/text/whatever from him! Nor from his younger brother, also away, but then he’s always been far more self-sufficient!) has left me thinking …. well not much really.

This morning was BMF, it wasn’t as hot as Monday but it was still hot. Our delectable instructor, one of our favourites, gives a tough class and did so today regardless of heat, which at the time is not what you think you need but afterwards you do appreciate the benefits because there is no way in a million years that you could push yourself that hard on your own! We did quite a bit of sprinting uphill in individual bursts at the start of the class and then at the end 3 sprint races. Being competitive I gave it all I had, (nice to see that all these Juneathon miles are paying off with pace) so my legs were shouting a bit by the end!

The table of doom here was talking to me this afternoon. Inspired by Psychojog\’s determination to standup for girl power and keep in the top 10 (probably better) and stories of last-minute dashes to the top 10 or 20 and many of us reaching our goals, such as 100 miles.  Naughty Badwabbit had also published a totals list in his blog this morning and had included the top 21 .  Hmmm  the extra 21st out of politeness to include me at 21st?  Or a kick up the bum to encourage me to get into the top 20?  Anyway, inspired and in the spirit of the last days of Juneathon I went out for a late afternoon run. My legs far from being dead were sprightly after the sprinting so I made a good pace apart from any uphill bits (which they refused to tackle) so I had to run a bit further than planned to avoid any significant slopes!

Morning: 1 hour BMF class

Afternoon: 3.41 miles 29.35 mins

94.84 miles run  11 BMF classes.  1 day to go…

For inspiration and incase you missed the video of Darth Vader and the Table of Doom from Sunday here it is again…

Darth Vader and the table of doom

Good luck and happy running, cycling, swimming, walking for day 30!

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

4 thoughts on “Indiana Jones and the Table of Doom.

  1. BMF and running – well done!

  2. Well done R.B. I like lists of 21. Oh – was that you down there at the edge? What a coincidence!!
    See you the morrow! xx

  3. You are hardcore! 100 miles and the top twenty here you come!

  4. Wel done on the BMF class and run. Great mileage this month 🙂

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