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Skechers Prospeed Running Shoe Review


Part 1 – First Impressions.

Like a few of my fellow bloggers, Skechers have sent me a pair of their new running shoes to try.   I am waiting until after my Half Marathon this weekend before I take them out on a proper test run but have used them to potter about and wear in to gain a first impression.

I’ll certainly be noticed in these! I like the bright colours and think they are fairly good-looking as far as running shoes go.  They are a roomy, generous fit.  I sized up, as I do with other makes, but maybe should have had my normal size in these. They are not heavy,  but I wouldn’t consider them ‘lightweight’ as promoted, certainly not in the same class as Saucony Kinvaras (which I love), they weigh about the same as my Mizuno Wave Creation 12s. Inital feel is of lots of cushioning with a spongy springy feeling.  For the limited wear so far they have been comfortable, however they don’t fit well with my orthotics. Without orthotics they give reasonable support under my arches. The shape of the sole to promote mid foot strike makes you think that they are going to feel wobbly like shape-up trainers but after walking around for a short while they feel like a normal trainer.  Will have to see how they run…

Read part 2 here….  https://fairweatherrunner.co.uk/2011/10/13/skechers-running-shoe-review/

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

5 thoughts on “Skechers Prospeed Running Shoe Review

  1. eek! we are running a half marathon this weekend 😮

  2. Do like that colour. Mine a bit girlie really! Will be interested to hear how you get along with them, felt fine running,legs suffered since maybe a conincidence

  3. Snap – loving the blue ones…

  4. I have pink ones… but I have to admit that I am maybe the ‘girliest’ person I know and thus pink is (obviously!) my favourite colour! I haven’t taken mine out yet, but am already thinking I maybe shouldn’t have ‘sized up’ like I have to on all other trainers as they seem a little roomy… mind you I’ve tried them on with bare feet and pyjamas so far so I’ll save that verdict ’til I’ve actually run in them!

    Good luck with your ‘run with buddies at the weekend! 🙂

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