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Skechers running shoe review


Part 2 – Skechers Prospeed Resistance Runner – Run test.

I have to admit that after pottering around in these for a while I was hesitant to get out and run in them.  They are very cushioned, spongy and raised off the ground.  I tend to wear a more responsive running shoe preferring to have a better feel for the ground under my feet because I turn my ankles easily.

However it’s unfair to criticise without having tried anything properly so this evening I put them on and went out for a short test run. Running in them opened my mind and made me conclude that whilst they may not suit me, they do have some good features to recommend them.

They are very cushioned and springy and when I got used to this and made sure the bounce was sending me forwards, not up and down, it was good.  The shoe is highest in the middle and this does make you strike the ground with the mid foot not heel.  I tend to do this naturally when I pick up the pace and liked the feeling, running at a decent pace without much effort this evening.

The general fit is roomy, feeling long, not wide. (Not quite enough toe wiggling space for me, even with them being a little big). The shoes are quite straight and a little inflexible and the upper comes quite high up and fits snugly round your ankle.   There is a neat velcro patch on the side of the shoe to fasten to the shoe tongue which keeps it straight and not twisting round your foot.

I agree with the marketing claims that the shoe encourages mid foot strike and “returns energy through the mid-foot (spring) energy return system”.  I would not consider them any more lightweight than an average running shoe and whilst they do encourage a natural mid foot style of running I would argue that it is not a barefoot experience as the shoe is too inflexible and thickly cushioned.

My feet ached towards the end of the run because I was not running in my orthotics as normal,  but didn’t feel any rubs from the shoes.  I don’t love them but will not be chucking them to the bottom of the pile straight away.  I’ll give them another try with different orthotics and maybe take them for spin on the treadmill.

Read part 1 here…  https://fairweatherrunner.co.uk/2011/10/04/skechers-prospeed-running-shoe-review/

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

4 thoughts on “Skechers running shoe review

  1. tried mine for a short run tonight, so far so good, am going to try them at BMF tomorrow

  2. Not convinced mine aren’t to blame for the tendonitis acceleration..

  3. I’ve worn mine 3 times now… mainly in the rain… and for me they’re better than expected. I run on my mid foot anyway so when I’m running I feel like they’re helping to propel me in a similar way as my Newtons did… not as light though… not even as light as my Brooks! I need to do a comparison back to my old faithful Brooks now I’ve had a few runs in them I think…

  4. Reviewing… shoes??? Are you sold out to the corporate machine? I thought you were a bare foot (bear foot) runner in training!

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