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BMF and more shoes!


Autumn has definitely arrived. It was a chilly start to BMF today and the first day I thought about looking for my gloves.  My hands were cold during the warm up but I soon forgot when we got running.  It will be a while however, and nearer to freezing before I go as far as long sleeves and tights.

An interesting class today with some interesting moves…  Ever heard of, or tried a reverse squat thrust up a tree? No? Nor had I.  We did give an interesting mornings entertainment to one or two dog walkers.  Thanks to the very helpful gentleman walking past with small dog who replied when I asked ‘how many?’ … ’75’!

It was very exciting to have a lovely new pair of running shoes delivered on my return home.  Perfect timing for my upcoming races, especially as my feet have ached since Monday and I spent todays class accusing my current pair of being worn out.

It’s just as well I’ve started a de-cluttering spree at home recently because this is the view near my back door and definitely next job on the list to sort out.  One of the consequences of running, “Runners Clutter”!

oops! Tidy up time.

In my defense I do have two sons who own a pair or two each (plus many outgrown ones and the odd pair of un-worn rugby boots) and I probably spend half most of my time in my running kit.  I admit to having at least 3 (ok, ok… more like 4 or 5) pairs of running shoes in active use at any time (two pairs of road shoes to rotate, trail shoes, minimalist shoes for short races….) and am often reluctant to say goodbye to some worn out good friends.  But that’s perfectly normal, right?

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

10 thoughts on “BMF and more shoes!

  1. Perfectly normal, I detest shoes and would far prefer to go bare foot all the time if it would not be cold and bad for my health and even I have pairs I never wear…def normal!!

  2. I have just lied and told Ginge that all those shoes are yours. It made him more accepting of my shoe mountain…

  3. I think it is perfectly acceptable.

  4. You can get 50p per pair of trainers whatever the condition at car boot sales. Fact

  5. Wow, people will pay good money for sweaty old running shoes? Urgh! Mmmmmm, Asics.

  6. Normal for runners at any rate 😉

  7. recognise the skechers! our look similar to that 🙂

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