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Town vs Country


I nearly didn’t run today. I couldn’t be bothered, it felt too much like hard work and I was tempted to settle with a cuppa in front of the fire for the afternoon.

My excuses being that here on the Isle of Wight there is “nowhere to run”. True, in my ‘Townie’ speak, it isn’t possible to nip out for a run around the block and certainly not after dark as there are no pavements and few street lights. The only really safe time to run on the country roads around here is the first thing in the morning when the roads are quiet. Unfortunately I am not a morning runner, I am not even a morning person!

However, there are plenty of places to run on the Isle of Wight. I just have to jump in the car and get organised to go there. Not to mention the miles and miles of countryside trails and walks directly outside. Guess I have to ‘man’ up and get out and get trail running up those there hills! Or get out of bed earlier!

Husband, (knowing how much nicer I am after a run) gave me the impetus by offering to drive me to the old railway line where I could run but then younger son decided he would cycle so his bike was loaded into car and he and I were sent off together.

We started at the old Merstone Railway Station and decided to run in the opposite direction to our previous runs, heading towards Newport instead of towards the sea at Sandown.

A good run, almost a tempo one with my pint-sized dictator telling me to speed up if I had aspirations of running the Great South Run at 9 min mile pace! Thanks son, know how to make me feel good!

It was an interesting route, Ed finding and reading out the nature trail signs which pointed out wildlife to spot including Red Squirrels, Yellow Hammers, Ash, Rookeries, Buzzards, Sparrow Hawks, Grey Herron, Elm, Hazel, Oak. Although today I think he only saw a lesser spotted red-faced, running mother!

At the turn-around point of our out-and-back route the trees on the side of the path had been recently cut and carved leaving these great sculptures.

It felt good and I was glad to run, enjoying the fresh air with Ed. Just goes to show me that although it takes a little more effort than just falling out the door in London, there is much more to gain from running here in the Isle of Wight. I just have to get the right mentality and be open to a different sort of running instead of pounding the pavements.

On the subject of my Town vs Country side debate I have to conclude that both are best and preference has a lot to do with what we are used to. Those of us with opportunity to enjoy both environments should get out there and make the most of the different experiences when we can. It might just take a little more effort than normal!

3.82 miles in 34.54 mins

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

5 thoughts on “Town vs Country

  1. It may a little more effort than in London but I reckon the rewards of are much greater with the cleaner air and the the nicer scenery! Well done for getting out.

  2. well done! and a pretty good pace too ๐Ÿ™‚ sounds a really lovely place to run..
    know exactly what you mean about not wanting to go out and run, ask runorgocrazy, I am the queen of finding excuses not to run.. but 9 times out of 10 those ‘under duress’ runs turn out to be great – enjoy IoW xx

  3. I’m definitely a country lad when it comes to running, I’ll “put up” with a town run if an event dictates. Perhaps you could use one of the route planner tools to find some more places to run on the Isle of Wight. Nice running too by the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Sounds lovely – and the pint sized dictator seems to have worked his magic looking at your pace.

  5. Oooh that sounds like a lovely run, especially with some company on a bike!

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