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The Terror of the Cycle Path


Insert music from Psycho here….


Yes  Ramblers, OAP Ramblers, complete with hiking poles, hundreds of them and all three abreast blocking the cycle path in front of us spread out over hundreds of yards. Taking no prisoners, unsmiling and lacking in cycle path etiquette, right of way awareness or basic lane control, making other path users, including boys on cycles and runners practically run in the ditch full of nettles to get past. Arghhhhhh!

Turns out it’s the Isle of WIght Walking Festival this week so a weekend running on this route to remember to miss next year!

An eventful run, with small cyclist going too slow (My leg hurts…) for the first miles but then feeling better and leaving me for dust for the next few miles. Busy Sunday passing horses, cyclists, runners, dogs and the herd of ramblers. I also learned how to get the chain back on Ed’s bike half way along!

8.02 miles in  1.19.56

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

9 thoughts on “The Terror of the Cycle Path

  1. Grr, how frustrating, but excellent bike repair! Which of your many running shoes were you wearing??

  2. A bit like my run with Cathy cycling on the off road bits-slow enough to make me loop back and forth until the road bit where I became the chasing fool! Good going on lots of miles, though.

  3. I would have been tempted to steal one of their walking poles to prod them with. You are obviously a far nicer individual!

  4. Oh the joy of a bike that looses its chain and then the joy of greasy fingers. Well done for OAP dodging maybe this could be a new sport!

    • Speaking as an OAP who can’t hear cyclists or runners coming up behind me, try a bell or warning shout and then I’ll move!! As for a new sport –you don’t know what you are taking on!

      • ha ha! we know that…. Single courteous aged P’s are one thing – you’d have been intimidated by this pack of blue rinsers and they were comming straight at us could see us and STILL didn’t move! Here’s me trying to teach Ed to be courteous!

  5. Ramblers are buggers. They ARE grim faced. We have a public right of way through our fields and every so often Ramblers ramble across it, but they never look like they’re enjoying themselves, and if they catch sight of us in the garden they give basilisk glares in our direction as if to say “What are you going to do about it we’ve got a right” It’s best when they go off the map and get lost and do start matching through the actual garden, then I politely ask if I can help them and they bark out at me that there’s a public footpath and they’re following it. I love showing them that they’ve got lost and where the actual footpath is. It’s as if they think I don’t know and they’re not really out for a ramble, they’re out to start a row.

  6. LOL I hope you taught them a much needed lesson!

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