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Back in June and July I ran a couple of parkruns and got the bug. Unfortunately I then got injured so was frustrated that I was unable to continue. Now, being practically back to my old running self (apart from a few extra pounds around my middle!) it was time to get running parkruns again. I’d planned to go to Old Deer Park to meet and run with a group of running friends but when that event had to be cancelled for a few weeks I decided that arranging to meet someone was still a good way to make sure I got out of bed and back to parkrunning.

Fortunately one of the friends I was going to meet is a parkrun tourist (abradypus, who has run 43 parkruns at 42 venues to date) and I knew she had the new Gunnersbury parkrun, which is not too far from me, in her sights! So this morning we met at Gunnersbury Park in West London for the second Gunnersbury parkrun.

I really liked the course, one lap with a downhill start and run mainly on tarmac paths, sadly most of it in need of repair. As usual, and because of the down hill bit, I took off too fast and paid for it towards the end of the first mile when the gradient reversed! Fortunately it wasn’t long before the half way point where a kind Marshall pointing the way was also calling the time and hearing 12 minutes something was enough to get me back on track. I finished in 24.56 around the middle of the pack and very happy to be within 16 seconds of my pb.

A well organised and marshaled, friendly parkrun which has attracted over 100 runners for its first and second events. This will be a popular event. It is supported by the council and will help the regeneration of this neglected park. I promise I wont turn my back on my nearer local at Wormwood Scrubs but I will certainly be going back to Gunnersbury from time to time in the interests of variety.

However, chatting with Abradypus and two other top parkrunner tourists over a cup of tea, I began to feel the attraction of a different friendly run each week and when Abradypus mentioned that I was following in their footsteps having started with 3 runs in 3 venues I began to think….

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

7 thoughts on “Back to parkrun

  1. That is an awesome time! I can only dream… 🙂 Doing my first one in Cardiff next week, but time will be nowhere near yours! Will have to try my local Banstead Woods one soon, and will be at the next Old Deer Park one

  2. What a great run and fantastic time, well done 🙂

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  4. Selfishly, I’m glad ODPARK was cancelled today because it was great to have your company at Gunnersbury.

  5. WOW fab time! I am getting on really well with the SOLE insoles and when your orthotics are worn out would highly recommend you give them a try…They are not expensive so if they don’t work out you won’t be wasting too much. When I get back to running I will get in touch and perhaps come and meet you for a park run. Great running…there is hope for me after my injury yet!

  6. Speedy time – definitely sounds like you’re back on form again! 🙂
    To our shame with the cancellation of ODP we didn’t make it to an alternative parkrun and had a lie-in instead, although I blame it on Mr W feeling ill.

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