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Strategic Domesticity


Strategic DomesticityThe practice of presenting ones family with generous portions of their favourite home cooked meals and cakes in the few days immediately following a race by way of compensation for early starts on race day, absence in body or mind in the period building up to said race for long runs, or for “reading around ones subject”, and inability to move off the sofa after said race.  By undertaking Strategic Domesticity seriously after each and every race the ‘athlete’* builds association of a race with being spoiled in the minds of their family and any future mention of entering another race is greeted with enthusiasm.

*athlete – used in the loosest possible terms.

I had two post race days off running this week, busy being domestic, thinking about catching up with paper work and resting my legs. But two days being domestic is more than enough for me and I hoped sufficient recovery time for my legs.

It was a chilly morning for my return to British Military Fitness on Wednesday, I found my gloves and wore my compression leggings under shorts for the first time.  My tired legs were grateful for the support but not grateful for the extended run during the cut off exercises which resulted in me ending up in the fast group.  A tough class of running, serious numbers of squats with a little running in between, more running, hopping, running, bunny hops, running…

On Thursday the pain had not kicked in from the squats and hops and I went for an enjoyable and social lunch time loop of Hyde Park with Badwabbit.  I should have stretched a lot more afterwards because this morning I was suffering! I did however still go to BMF  (Don’t ask me why, I don’t know, I just did, out of habit?!)  for what turned out to be another beasting of press ups, squats, sit ups, lunges and planks all washed down with a generous helping of running.  By the time we’d finished with sprints on the sand track I was shaking and barely able to walk!

I’m now looking forward to a weekend off exercise and (maybe not) some serious foam rolling! My copy of Runners World arrived today so I will be training from the sofa.

Happy running or resting this weekend.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

6 thoughts on “Strategic Domesticity

  1. Training from the sofa gets my vote!

  2. Oh yeah, I’m reading about ‘Plan C’ with a glass of wine in my hand 😉

  3. Have pencilled cake making in to my diary for 30 april 2012 fantastic tactic I hope it works.

  4. Can I pay you to make cake for my husband please as I can’t bake for toffee? I like he idea of the positive assiciation thing….

  5. Brilliant! Sofa training sounds well deserved!

  6. great concept! hope ali doesn’t try it on me! :-}

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