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Time for Janathon!


It’s OK singing the blog title to the Teletubbies theme tune is not compulsory (and my apologies if you’ve now got that tune stuck in your head).

Janathon 2012 is open for entry and I have duly signed up again. So only 18 days for me to limber up my lower limbs and typing fingers ready to jog, log and blog everyday in January. Hello to ‘Athoner friends returning to Janathon or from Juneathon and welcome new-commers to the journey! I’m looking forward to reading your blogs

Janathon is great. It was responsible last year for shifting my running to the next level and I met a great bunch of running and blogging buddies. I went from BMFer (British Military Fitness) who ran occasionally and entered the odd race, to runner planning a race each month in 2012 and running/BMF at least 4/5 days a week. That alone is enough to bring me back again in 2012 even without the added benefit of joining a great supportive community. I hope Janathon helps me start 2012 with a good mileage base to help me chase some PBs during the year.

Now that Janathon is on the way I have to warn my regular reader(s) of what is on the horizon. Janathon requires me to blog every day… Now I know from experience in June and last January that this can get a little tedious if I simply write ‘ I ran 2/3 miles around the block and it was cold /wet / rainy / dark and I felt #*%$ ‘ I will be using my Lego mini figure army (any excuse to have a Lego advent calendar) to add some illustrations. (All suggestions welcome! In June I was challenged to write a post by travelling hopefully that included Dragons, Pirates and a Badger!)

It is also necessary for me as a responsible blogger to give a serious health warning for my January blogs. Those of you of a delicate disposition might like to take note that whilst running everyday I will be listening to a lot of music and hours out with my iPod will mean that I will return home to blog still riding high on a wave of ’80s music euphoria and write about it. I apologise in advance for my ‘eclectic’ taste in music but consecutive days running, blogging and run-kit laundry-ing do strange things to the mind. I will not however apologise for regularly referring to running to the Bee Gees and for the odd quote of lyrics that might creep in. I became completely hooked during Juneathon and it has not since worn off.

You have been warned!

Now I realy must get on… I’ve got 56km to run to reach 1000km in 2011!

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

11 thoughts on “Time for Janathon!

  1. My legs ache just thinking back to Juneathon. Now look at you…a ‘proper runner’ with a yearly total to be proud of, and I’m just a slacker! Good luck.

  2. Yay! Lego peeps and beegee lyrics. Let the games begin!

  3. 80’s music I can deal with (just my era), the lego figures leave me a little worried!

  4. looking forward to your Lego creations!

  5. Woohoo looking forward to the lego blogs!

  6. Sounds like Janathon really kick-started your year! You’ve inspired me to seriously consider it! Look forward to reading your blog either way!

  7. Looking forward to reading and envying your lego collection once again. Happy Christmas!

  8. I forgot how good the blogs get during janathon/juneathon really looking forward to this blog

  9. Goodluck FWR, I look forward to reading your blog, and taking inspiration from your writing and running

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