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Janathon 2012 begins…


Not a slick start to Janathon this year…

I thought I’d left my Garmin charging over night plugged into my netbook, but it was completely flat by morning.  Then in my morning-after muddle I couldn’t remember my log in details for Nike Plus so resorted to Runkeeper.  I have not had great success with runkeeper in fact I am now agreed to forget using it altogether after this morning!

I did have company of friends staying for New Year so we trotted out this morning to run the same loop as we did last year.  Not a comfortable run.  I was not particularly hung-over but had a stiff neck and didn’t feel very sprightly! I wore my new long-sleeved yellow-peril flourescent running top and long legs and was far too hot and itchy.

Runkeeper spent the entire run telling me constantly in a grating american voice that it was pausing workout and resuming workout (without so much of a pause, stop or reason from me) which made me even more hot and irritable…   It then gave me stats that I’d run 2.6 miles in 31 mins. Don’t believe a word of it.  It is 3.7miles (see Jan 2nd 2011 if you don’t believe me!) and who cares how long it took, we ran.

Oh well tomorrow can only be better and I did get today’s run done before it really poured with rain.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

16 thoughts on “Janathon 2012 begins…

  1. Last year was envious of those with run keeper but now I have it I don’t rate it either! Well done for getting out before the rain, wish I had

  2. Well not the most auspicious start to the year on the technology front, but at least you got out there and did the run!

  3. Well done – I got back just as it started raining! Although the dog didn’t appreciate the massive soaking he got on his afternoon walk.

  4. Oh how we hate the wretched run keeper lady, you are behind your target pace…Meh! Well done Rachel, good going!

  5. It has rained non-stop here today. Makes me thankful to be a treadmill runner!

  6. Look, you got out there and did it – my run was even worse, at least we can only get better from here on in! Happy 2012!

  7. Dare I ask…have you now plugged in the garmin?

  8. Yay! Janathon Lego! That is all…

  9. so annoying! must admit I did not have much luck with Runkeeper either 😦 have bought myself a garmin 110 with the money i got for xmas, until it arrives, miCoach will have to do 🙂

  10. I think Garmin has a problem with janathon. Mine carked at the end of last year and I had to borrow my brother’s for day1. Still, one done. Onwards and upwards

  11. All very annoying! At least you can say that’s day 1 done 🙂

  12. Oh well, I’ll buck the trend. My Runkeeper app on the iphone has been very reliable, and It’s still my preferred outdoor running app.
    It’s always a relief to get that first run out of the way, so well done.

  13. Runkeeper never worked for me, so I have no idea what it is like! Runtastic is ok, but it quite often sells me a half mile short or so.

    Well done on the run and hurrah for the return of lego!

  14. I’ve avoided the running technology, as it makes me feel pressured and I find I enjoy running less. Have contemplated Garmin on more than one occasion, but still resisting!

  15. love the janathon lego :0

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