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Reality Strikes!


Knitting Penguin (travelling hopefully) said on twitter this morning that she had received an email ‘Weight loss Newsletter’ from Runners World and was wondering what they were trying to say to her. I got the email too.  I had also just got out of my PJs into my running kit and looking in the mirror decided that the email was probably just in time because what I saw in the mirror (short round and dumpy) didn’t quite fit the picture of long lean athleticism that I was looking for!  Oh well It’s New Year so time to face reality,read the newsletter, follow the  advice and take action to shift those Christmas/Winter/general over indulged pounds. (She says whilst eating fruitcake…) 

A better organised run today.  My Garmin was fully charged and I managed to add a 5 mile run to a family walk along the seafront by getting dropped off a few miles away and running to meet them. Not total perfect planning because whilst it was a crisp dry day and cooler than yesterday, I was still too hot and spent the run carrying my gloves then hat and finally gilet.  Not yet fully up to my sprightly best but definitely a better run.

5.03 miles  47.18 mins

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

16 thoughts on “Reality Strikes!

  1. A seafront walk/run sounds lovely.

  2. I need that newsletter!

  3. Inspired way to sneak in a Janathon run, and a nice distance too.

  4. Sounds like a lovely run. I got hot out there too, today. I wish I didn’t overheat!

  5. Can’t believe they sent that email! Are they working for the cake police!!! Nice run though, you’ll soon be back on track.

  6. I signed up for that newsletter. Guess I’d better get round to reading it!

  7. The run sounds lovely even if you had to strip whilst running ;-P

  8. Nice run…I also not liking my mirror reflection – hoping the weather doesn’t limit my running too much this month

  9. I get round the mirror issue by not having a full length one in the house. I am only aware of my head. Having said that, I was disturbed by the hips and thighs on my shadow this morning!

  10. Oh no, not the shadows! When I took a sideways glance at mine on this morning’s run, I thought ‘Must do more planks! Must do more planks!’

    Sounds like a great run, shame about the heat, I could have done with your gloves on my run!

  11. I need this newsletter! Am running, then consuming about twice the calories earned. Can’t wait until all Christmas fare has been finally eaten or gone out of date!

  12. Having just finished a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s, whilst reading you blog, I think I shall be actually reading that email too (I got it, ignored but didnt delete!)
    Well done on the run, have a similar plan for the summer, running out to some local fields where we walk the dogs and picnic etc and meeting the family out there

  13. I have not had the strenth to face my reflection without at leasst 4 layers of clothes so i can blame them for bulges. Am going to bit ethe bullet and measure tomorrow – I may also need that email please! Well done on 5 miles, are you aiming to beat last years total?

  14. Great run, sounds like a great location. I too have the same image when I look in the mirror at the moment. I love your Lego pictures!

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