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Exercising with tyres


I went to BMF this morning.  I was a bit worried that it might be a bit of a shock to the system having not been for 3 weeks, even though I’ve run about 60 miles in the meantime. However much I run, going back to BMF after a break is always a challenge!

It was unfortunate that even though I was standing in line around the middle of the reds, having a little catch up, when they counted up and split off of the groups I found myself being manoeuvred towards the fast group.  Oops this is going to be hard.  Then the tyres came out.

As my group took off at pace my little Janathoned legs, more accustomed to full ahead plod than sprint, kept me towards the back of the warm-up run and I unfortunately didn’t get a turn running carrying a tyre!

You’d be surprised what exercises their devious minds can make up using a car tyre in groups of 3. I think we worked most muscles in one way or other! The highlights were running trying to run down the slope and back holding the tyre above my head. (3 reps! Grrr)

By the end I was quite enjoying myself.  It hadn’t been too awful and I was relieved we’d not run too much.  We gave the tourists a good show on the way back running along side the Serpentine passing the tyres from side to side and over head from person to person.

Janathon Day 11.  1 hour BMF class.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

9 thoughts on “Exercising with tyres

  1. Wow – glad they don’t do BMF locally! Well done though

  2. Reminds me of Battle Fitness Training back in my Forces days! Very hard…. Well done R.

  3. Sounds like your run was very tyre-ing… see what I did there? I like your term ‘janathoned legs’ Keep going, a third of the way there.

  4. Sounds like a tough one. Brilliant Lego 🙂

  5. Sounds like my kind of training. Ace!

  6. some devious minds at BMF 😉

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