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There’s nothing like a good sprint


Thank god it’s Friday! so it was off to meet my term time 8 O’clock Friday coffee brigade and then on to BMF.  A big turn out today, it was good to see all the usual suspects crawling out of the woodwork and coming back after the christmas break!

Not long into our class, mixed in with some upper body strength work, we did three flat-out races across the football pitch.  There’s nothing like a good sprint (once warmed up) to get my lungs working and blood pumping around my body. After the sprint when we went on to run further down the park it was much easier to run at pace.

It’s the same at races.  I used to find that sometimes at the start of the race I was a bit breathless, partly out of nervousness and partly for going off a bit fast.  I now try and do a brisk paced short warm up run or little sprint before a race.  It’s just enough to get me a bit breathless (and then have time to recover) and works to get the huffy puffy start bit out of the way before the beginning of the real race!

I really love a good sprint.  I liked sprinting at school (and hurdling, before the hurdles grew taller with everyone else and I didn’t).  A good sprint during most sessions is probably what I’ve come to love about BMF and why I’ve been a regular for 6 years. As an adult, unless you are an athlete or club runner, how many opportunities do you get for a really good flat-out sprint?  Lung busting, wind in the hair sprints have to be the best thing for de-stressing, letting out angst and blowing away the cobwebs!

I assure you it is very also very good for the ego to give some of the fellas and youngsters at BMF a good run for their money!

Janathon day 13.  1 hour BMF class (about 2.5 miles)

Today’s Lego (100% from my son because (aparently) sprinting at BMF is boring) for Friday 13th… Fortunately I ate my banana safely after BMF.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

5 thoughts on “There’s nothing like a good sprint

  1. I miss BMF 😦

  2. Brilliant, I look forward to the Lego diorama every day now! Glad to hear you were chicking some of them blokes!

  3. A mini banana?! Very impressive! I’m loving the legomania….

  4. Running for the bus is as close as I get to a sprint…but tempting though it is, I’m still leaving bmf to wonder women like you.

  5. I like to sprint at the end of Parkrun – I like to think I have quite a good sprint finish, if only the other 4.9k were as good! 😉

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