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Return of the table of doom


I seem to have acquired a target.

The table of doom has reared its ugly head with 8 days left of Janathon. On Saturday somewhere among the finishing of my long run, refueling, stretching, having a bath, eating a big dinner, having a glass (or three) of wine… I had a conversation on Facebook with Shaun (Iliketocount) about our similar mileage and the fact that each time he ran he came back to the table to find I had gone that extra mile!  Ha ha! I said yes, we’re playing leap-frog a bit and then I casually asked him if our poor old achy legs would make it to 150 by the end of the month. Me and my big mouth… I was really just wondering out loud if I could do it myself in the warm afterglow from a long run and a glass of vino… (I ran 125 miles last year and would like to beat that, but what goal?)

So it turns out that I’d thrown down the gauntlet! Shaun trotted out 7 plus miles on Sunday, moving ahead again and blogged about the new target.  Oops looks like we’re on… 150 miles or bust! (aka spending a ton of money at the Physio!).

It wasn’t because of this that I didn’t go to BMF today (about 2.5 miles running) but went out later for a (longer) run.  I really did have to get some work finished today so made myself stay home until I had finished.  That worked, I knuckled down and got finished leaving time for an hours run this afternoon before my sons got home.

Running in Kensington Garden’s and seeing all the perfectly groomed well dressed Mums walking home with their small children also made me think about what Shaun had said about thinking it looked odd, a middle-aged man, in need of a hair cut, running around in tights!  There was me, a middle-aged women in lycra running circles in Kensington Gardens chasing ‘the table of doom’ in a running challenge looking equally odd  I decided I didn’t care because the alternatives (fat middle-aged woman eating cake or no cake!) were worse than a few odd looks.

I had a good run with the Bee Gees strutting my stuff around the serpentine feeling surprisingly good.  If anything being a bit tired is probably due to recent  late nights (going out, finishing accounts, watching Schindler’s List on DVD) and not the miles run and so far fingers crossed, touch wood, I only have mild niggles in my hip and Achilles.

6.7 miles in 64 mins.

107 miles run and 8 days to go…

Ambitious target… Can I do it?

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

14 thoughts on “Return of the table of doom

  1. You can do it.. Yes you can!!!!!!

  2. Of course you can do it, you must! I did 126 miles to your 125 last year…you simply have to get me back! I’ll then race you to the physio!

  3. You have no choice now. You’ve set your objective, and declared it to the world. You know that you’ve got this.

    Go for it!!

  4. Is that Lego you being beaten by Lego Shaun?

    Am very impressed with your final goal push, you can do it!

  5. I’m sure that you’ll do it now you’ve set the challenge! You know you will!! x

  6. Of course you can do it! You’ve hit some serious mileage so far so aim high and you’ll do it! Good luck! x

  7. Of course you can do it. I have no doubts. Amazing how the table of doom can inspire you to put in that extra mile. Keep up the great work.

  8. Fab post! You can so do it! Have you thought about upping it to 155 miles perhaps – makes a nice 5 miles/day average over January?! 😉

  9. You can do it easily! I’m hoping to run at 160 miles this month…I have a 10 mile run on Sunday which is going to help!

  10. Glad I’m not competing with you…will be happy with my 100 mark. Reaching your goal is soooo worth a few odd looks 🙂 good luck – you can do it x

  11. The first time you thought of the figure ‘150’ the decision was already made and you know it. Go for it!

  12. I agree as soon as it pops into your head that’s it – your new target is set!

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