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Tired or not tired?


Janathon day 30 and I’ve now run 148 miles and I’m in a very strange state, a mixture of completely shattered and full of beans!

As usual I struggled to get out of bed this morning and get the boys up and out, but by the time I got to BMF I was wide awake. I had a great class. My legs felt good and I was keeping up a good pace. The janathon miles plus my half marathon training long runs are paying off and I’m getting back to my best speed and fitness from before my injury last year.

The energy however was lacking by this evening and I needed a bit of a boost and a nag from twitter to get my blog done. (Thanks guys!) The thing is you see that BMF classes can either be the stuff that good blogs are made of (mad and hilarious) or not. Today was not. Not that it wasn’t a good class, it was and I enjoyed it because I worked hard and took it seriously. (Boring blog). Also for the first half we were running fast laps in between exercises so there was no breath left for banter!

I then had to come up with some inspiration for todays Lego.

Um ah… I ran fast? I’m surprised how OK my legs are after 30 days? I discovered that the calorie calculation on Garmin 405cxs is way off? It’s day 30 and haven’t we all done brilliantly? I might even miss Janathon next week? Blogging is like running – It all comes together once you start!?…

So I asked my son who ignored me. So I bribed my son which started to work. A packet of Jaffa Cakes later he came up with this.

1 hour BMF class, 3.46 miles running.


1 day to go. I also notice that Iliketocount is also on 148! (Yay! looks like we will make it to 150!)

So how far will I run tomorrow? 2 miles or 7?

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

12 thoughts on “Tired or not tired?

  1. Personally I’d go for 12 – yeah right. Enjoy your last run

  2. Brilliant lego pic – enjoy tomorrow !

  3. Great miles and consistently great lego. 2 sounds good 2 me!

  4. I reckon 7 and have stated as much in my blog…go on, finish it properly!
    Superb effort. Shame it looks like I’ll need the physio!

  5. Good luck on hitting 150 miles, do you get to eat 150 Jaffa Cakes? I’ll miss the daily lego!

  6. That is amazing mileage 🙂 I will def miss Janathon – though I don’t think my feet will – though they have to carry on the half-marathon training.

  7. Look forward to reading whether it ends up being 2 or 7! Great effort this month either way, well done 🙂

  8. Whichever you pick, it’s a great total. Enjoy your last Janathon run.


  10. That’s awesome mileage no matter what you chose to do tomorrow.

  11. D’OH! You said it, now you have to run it!

    I’m definitely going to miss the Lego though – I’m so jealous of your many faced Lego people. All mine just had the regular – : )

  12. Great mileage for January even with one day to go…congrats on a fabulous Janathon!

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