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New motivation


After Janathon I really felt the lack of motivation once the need to run everyday had been removed. I know Janathon isn’t compulsory but I set myself the goal to run every day and something in my head clicks and I feel obliged to complete the challenge. Afterwards is hard. I miss the routine of running everyday.

This year I carried on the next day and went to British Miliary Fitness (because the 1st of Feb fell on a BMF day). The following day I had an urge to run, and should have, as it was a beautiful day, but thought I’d better have a rest day to avoid injury.

This was probably a mistake as having stopped I’ve struggled to get running again (apart from BMF classes) and then the snow came and I missed my long run at the weekend. My drop in motivation wasn’t helped by the fact that I am unable to make the Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon this weekend due to family commitments (not because I’m fair-weather and its likely to be arctic – honestly!) which is a shame seeing as I’m ready and trained after all those Janathon miles.

I managed to get myself going again this week after signing up for another HM on 18th Feb, in place of Portsmouth, and receiving the news that I’ve got a place in the Royal Parks Half Marathon from the second chance ballot. So I went out and ran 10 miles in lieu of my weekend long run on Tuesday despite serious DOMS in my glutes and thighs! (At BMF on Monday we did rather too much lying down and too many situps in the wet slushy snow. When we complained about freezing wet bottoms we were given a warm up by way of the 150 squat challenge.) I recovered the ability to walk properly again today and then after smashing my to-do list I got out for an afternoon run (before the threatened snow).

The squats (or something) is paying off because everything felt good today and after a few easy warm up miles I ran miles at 8.45 and 8.24 pace and finished up on a mile at 8.20 without feeling I was having to put in much more effort! There is nothing like a good run to give you a boost and I actually find that running gives me more energy than resting!

10.07 miles in 1.38.55

6.21 miles in 55.39 mins

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

5 thoughts on “New motivation

  1. Well done it took me nearly a week to get back on the road after Janathon – sounds like the motivation is back.

  2. Amazed and in awe as always by your pace!

  3. Very motivating. Feeling stupid with my pathetic 21 km as total for Feb to date.

  4. Ooooh BMF sounds tough in the snow. Well done for getting out there – great pace, how do you run so fast in the snow??

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