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Stinky fish and the two missing miles!


On Friday morning I bought some trout for supper. I was looking forward to it as was my younger son (a budding Ray Mears) who volunteered to fillet it for me. Unfortunately when we opened the packaging it was immediately obvious that all as not well and we hurriedly got the fish out of the house into the bin in many layers of bags before we passed out from the smell of rotten fish. Supper take two was hurriedly defrosted beefburgers which didn’t go as well with our stir fried veg and new potatoes.

For once I decided I would claim a refund, after all food is getting more and more expensive and Tesco are hardly short of profits so they can at least refund me my £10 for our disappointment. I enquired on twitter what I needed to do (not wanting to keep the stinky fish) and was told just returning to the packaging with the receipt to the store should be OK. Stinky packaging dug out of bin!

I didn’t get chance to get back to the shop on Saturday and I also had to bail out of my long run after 4 miles because my legs felt so tired. I’ve had 3 good BMF classes this week and have enjoyed getting my sprint speed back, almost keeping pace with the fastest (for 10m) without the use of a car! So I do have to remember that although we only run 2.5 to 3 miles in a class the amount of 100% sprint efforts make it a hard run so no wonder my legs were not up for big punishment yesterday.

So I still had the need to run 10-12 miles hanging over me today.

The temperature dropped over night and it was poring with rain this morning. I started to work out plans for a Monday long run instead. But the rain started to clear after lunch and I ummed and ahhed about getting out there. By 3pm it was getting to the last opportunity to get going if I wanted to fit in 12 miles before dark and supper as OH had to leave to go off to Devon for work tomorrow. Then he reminded me about the stinky fish packaging and when was I going back to Tesco?

Bring on the multi tasking! Run to Tesco with Stinky fish packaging, get refund and continue with long run and hopefully be home to make dinner at 5.30 after 12 miles!

My first mile to Tesco was quite quick! Even well wrapped in 3 bags my package stunk a fair bit so I reckoned passer-byers would prefer my presence with fish odour to be brief so I kept up a good pace! I don’t think I was chased by too many local cats but I didn’t turn round incase they sensed weakness and got me!

I got my refund eventually but my experience at customer services was not great. I should have taken it back on Friday (really at 7pm after a glass of wine when we needed to eat?) and I should have kept the fish (yuk – stink out the neighbourhood) or frozen it until I could come back (that was not going anywhere near my freezer thankyou). Sunday must be the day for complaints and wingers at Tesco as I was not the only one in the queue at customer services and added to the obvious lack of staff and a duty manager ment the experience wasted 25 minutes.

I finally (£10 refunded… was it worth it? YES, in principle anyway) got on with my run. I felt weary for the next few miles but by the time I’d clocked up 4 miles I’d pulled myself together and was getting on and enjoying my run. The only problem was the passing time and the realisation, that I’d lost precious minutes of my run and that I would only manage 10 miles if I had to make it home by 5.30.

I’ve got the Silverstone Half Marathon next weekend and hope that those missing two miles don’t make any difference to my performance because I will know who to blame!!

10.01 miles in 1.29.35

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

8 thoughts on “Stinky fish and the two missing miles!

  1. Well done on standing up to Tesco – stupid customer services, no common sense whatsoever! I’m sure you’ll be fine for Silverstone – good luck x

  2. Good luck with Silverstone not that you will need it!

  3. should’ve gone to Waitrose they have fab customer service! what a ridiculous fuss. Running sound alike it’s going great, good luck for Silverstone! 🙂

  4. Glad you got the better of Tesco in the end and with the mileage you’ve been doing lately I’m sure you’ll have no problems with Silverstone – good luck!

  5. I’m sure you will be fine with your half marathon – think positive and that is half the battle. 🙂 Good luck anyway!

  6. That is ridiculous! I’m sure you’ll be fine at Silverstone – it’s going to be a right good reunion!!

  7. Good luck with Silverstone! Hope it’s not too windy!

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