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Under Armour ColdBlack T shirt


When Under Armour asked if I’d like to wear test one of their new ColdBlack Training T-shirts I was quite excited when I read about it because I dislike being over warm when running and racing and these new shirts claim…

  • Revolutionary technology that actually reflects the sun’s heat
  • Reflects IR and heat rays
  • Minimum UPF 30+ to block UV-A and UV-B rays
  • Dark colors act like light colors and don’t get hot

Under Armour were on to a winner with me right from the start because the Women’s shirt is a semi fitted feminine cut with a scoop neck which is very flattering (especially for those of us with boobs!). So whether it delivers on keeping me cool or not I’m likely to wear it because I really like it. The material is very light and soft, slightly stretchy, ever so slightly see through and comfortable to wear.

The only problem is that since I’ve had it the weather in the UK has been less than fair and to start with I wondered if would ever be able to try it out in anything but pouring rain.

I have worn it constantly since I got it (3 British Military Fitness classes, 3 runs and a parkrun) and it has washed and dried well and was even not too smelly for a sneaky run dragged from the floor a second day!

For BMF classes we wear bibs and I often get too hot in a double layer once we warm up. The ColdBlack shirt feels very light and is better than other tops as an under layer but obviously unable to reflect heat when covered. I found it was warm enough for the cold start of a class but was no cooler in very humid conditions than any other lightweight top. I does however dry very quickly and once soaked to the skin from rain or lying on wet grass my top half (in this) became less chilled as we cooled down than my lower half.

When out running I felt cool wearing it, even on a surprise sunny evening at tempo pace when my body felt much cooler than my legs in Capri pants (both black). I also wore it for parkrun this weekend and racing in it I felt as free as in a singlet but with the added benefit of a little more coverage on my shoulders to keep warm at the start (and it will protect from the sun if we ever get any!)

On balance a very good comfortable, flattering light weight technical T-shirt. I felt cool wearing it on runs but need to continue to test it in hotter, sunnier conditions (anything over 20 degrees would be nice!) to know if it fully lives up to its claims.

Link to men’s product page..


Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

4 thoughts on “Under Armour ColdBlack T shirt

  1. Well you are certainly selling it well! I have to say that even if we do get temps of over 20′ I would not be running in it! The attraction for me is the sun protection, being very fair skinned!

  2. a little bit jealous, they never got back to me 😀
    well done on all the exercise though!!

  3. looks like great! Did you wear it during some race already?

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