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Workplay fleetfoot II running bag


How do you carry everything for long runs?

Up until now I’ve always travelled light on my runs taking the minimum (just a key sometimes) and I stuff what I do take with me down my sports bra. A big ask for the poor garment which is already struggling with keeping everything still against forces of gravity! Also keys and coins are cold and I did learn my lesson that iPods don’t like to be warm and wet having killed a nano a few years ago!

Anyway, during Janathon, while training for half marathons this spring, I realised that I had to find a better way to carry some of the stuff I needed for increasing long runs. At one stage I had my gloves in my bra (with key, tissue and emergency fiver) and the combination of iPhone in the back pocket of my tights and my hat in the waistband was making the tights fall down! All hard to cope with while also trying to carry a bottle of water in one hand and run at the same time!

So when I was offered one of Workplay’s light weight female fit running bags to review I jumped at the chance. I will be starting marathon training in July and want to start experimenting with gels on long runs in preparation. Now where to shove them as well as everything else?

I have not got on too well with waist packs in the past finding all they do is bounce, wiggle up and down and not actually hold much. But I had seen an advert for Workplay’s waist bags which are designed to fit on your hips and was curious.

So for a Sunday long run recently I loaded up the Fleetfoot (keys, iPhone, tissue, gel, money, water bottle) for a full trial and set off to run 10 miles.

I have to admit that at first I thought oh dear… maybe I have to go back and take it off. I was feeling a bit self-conscious un-used to carrying much and I was fiddling with it round my waist and it was bouncing a bit. But a test is a test so I carried on to give it more time.

I’m glad I did because after a mile or so as I settled into my run it settled down on my hips, into the small of my back and became more comfortable. As my run went on I noticed it less and less, apart from each time I pulled it round to retrieve my water. Top tip. Don’t fiddle! I realised that I didn’t have to constantly push it down and tighten it. When left well alone it settled comfortably on my hips as I ran and didn’t bounce so I was able to run practically unaware of it.

Another top tip is to watch the video from Workplay bags to see all its features. The bags have useful separate compartments to keep items such keys, money, iPods or credit cards separate and the video shows how it holds a water bottle or running jacket which would have taken me a few outings to work out if I hadn’t known!

I’ve used it a few more times and the more I run with it the more I like it, even fully loaded with a water bottle.

A well planned, thought out bag with some great attention to detail and some important small touches such as a flap to thread your headphones through and a loop to keep the end of the strap when tightened tucked in is elastic so its easy to thread back on the move.

So I’ve got the bag, found the gels and now I’ve just got to do the long runs!

But first I’ve got to survive Juneathon!

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

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  1. looks great!

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