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Staying in the game


Juneathon day 17.

Todays run was about staying in Juneathon and not letting my Sunday laziness scupper my progress having run everyday so far and clocked up 67 miles.

I was having a lovely lazy day watching movies with the boys who were both home with no plans or exam revision and fitting in a few chores in between and during the adverts.  I did get changed into my running kit after lunch but never quite mustered the motivation to get away from the cheesy sunday family movies and out for a run.

Then it was 6pm the ‘Oh dear, now or never run time’ but I was even more reluctant to go out because Dirty Dancing had come on!  But no excuses for  Juneathon so I got dinner cooking and dashed out for a loop around the block.

I was only planning a mile or so around the block, but as usual however reluctant I am to get out the door a few minutes in I feel good and am happy to be out running. This evening I felt I was flying along at a decent pace (must be the 80’s music) so decided to extend it to 2 miles and then 3. Although when I got to the front door it was 2.92,  near enough. I wasn’t mad enough to keep going past to round it up!

Dirty Dancing was still on the TV when I got in, even though the boys were moaning about it being “even worse than Twighlight” and OH had remembered to drain and mash the spuds.

I’m glad I did my longer run last Thursday. I find it much easier to get the motivation to get good runs done midweek.  I think I will organise myself to keep Thursday mornings free during my marathon training so I can get those long runs done either then or on Saturday mornings and keep Sundays as my day of rest and sofa surfing.

Next weekend however I can’t slob out.  It’s the Longest Day Run (have you signed up?) so I will challenge myself to run an appropriately long distance between noon on Saturday and noon on Sunday as my Longest Day Run.

Cheesy Movies 3

2.92 miles run.

Juneathon running total…  69.83 miles

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

6 thoughts on “Staying in the game

  1. How could you not round that up?!?! I am in awe at your cavelier disregard for round numbers…

  2. Yep me too I would have had to keep going to three, having said that if I had set out to do one then I would have stopped at that so well done.

  3. I agree – I often end up running past my house for a few hundred yards just in the name of round numbers!

  4. Seems to be unanimous. I would have to run to round it up too. Enjoyed watching Dirty Dancing last night too.

  5. I had to run past my house and back again tonight to round my run up from 4.96 to 5miles! How did you resist??

  6. Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

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