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Pants at downhill!


Juneathon day 21.

It took much effort to muster my motivation and get myself out for a run this evening.

I’d had a busy day, losing the morning because my plans ended up an hour later than expected and then having to go shopping this afternoon to get essentials for my younger son who is going away with school next week. The little darling, at 13 has decided that he is no longer willing to wear pants with labels 7-8 or 9-10 years so chucked them all out!  Go commando? or Mum go to M&S? (other pants retailers are available).

But going shopping in new sandals was a bad idea.  Not because of my white feet, nor the weather, but because after an hour my feet were killing me.  So I hobbled home before it rained and I totally ruined my feet. By then it was 4pm and I needed a cup of tea and a good sit down to recover before I could contemplate running!

Much procrastination later, and choice of running shoes for sore feet, at almost 6.30, and my best time for running (now or never time) I fell out the door for a quick loop around the block.

In the end I decided to vary my route and cut up into Holland Park where I realised that I don’t need to go too far to find trails to practice on for Thunder Run.  There is at least a half mile loop in the park on rough ground through the trees with a couple of decent inclines.  So I went up and down to get some hill practice and noticed that I probably need more practice for the down hills than for the ups!

Honestly I’m glad no one was filming me because I was very aware how much of a wuss I am running downhill especially on uneven surfaces. My speed slows, I get tense and run a bit like a tight arsed duck with my feet turned outwards!  So this evening I started to practice relaxing and trying to run keeping my legs loose and not being afraid to keep up my pace down hill.



3.03 miles

Juneathon running totals…  85.32 miles

9 days to go!

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

12 thoughts on “Pants at downhill!

  1. Just trust your legs, you’ll just flow downhill! It’s uphill I struggle with.

  2. Lol – love the imagery.

  3. I’m with runorgocrazy, give me the downhills anytime – you did well just getting out there after that sort of day!

  4. As I strenuously avoid going uphill, downhill is a rare issue

  5. Are we really that close to July?

  6. great Lego! hope he has a good time next week 🙂

  7. To me it looks that my trail running here in France inspires the masses. Well done on the trails, inclines and bagpipes! P.S. The advice I’ve heard when my feet got blisters was: “Run barefoot”. Just an idea….

  8. Where did you get the Scottish lego. My brother and hubby both play the bagpipes so would love to get them some. I ran the Aviemore 10 last year. All downhill. Felt fine on the day but my goodness my legs have never hurt more the day after. Get the training in.

    • The lego is from the latest series (7) of lego mini figures, available in toy shops whsmiths, etc. 16 to collect and you buy a sealed bag and take pot luck! So although only £2 each you could buy alot to get the ones you want…. or go to amazon and pay £6!

  9. Love your daily Lego Pics !!

  10. Hehe – I’m the opposite – free as a bird downhill but a chugging chuffing (very slow) steam train! God its only 5 weeks til we put ourselves through that…

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