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Lucky dip


Juneathon day 25.

My Lego assistant tells me my blogs are getting boring and I don’t do anything or see anything interesting on my runs anymore. I tend to agree after 25 days!  Also for no apparent reason I’ve been busier and more frantic this year and have found less time for Juneathon activities nor for amazing creative thourghts whilst running!  I also apologise that I have read and commented on less blogs than I’d like to.  (So do bear with me and understand if you end up with a random out of context comment in July or August!). I blame it all on the later half term for the Jubilee and the fact that I’ve playing catch up ever since!

Anyway, I wasn’t aching after my longest day runs today , but I didn’t go to BMF to give my legs a break and because I was busy getting youngest up, pack lunched and off to Kings Cross (Warning! he’s gone to Yorkshire for a week with school!) and elder son who is on a trip nearer to home. But basically I really couldn’t be bothered today.

So  this evening in the face of my son’s critisism of my boring Blogs I said, fine, challenge me for today’s Juneathon…. He wasn’t interested, but was moaning after a days windsurfing, kayaking and sailing that his arms and shoulders (unaccustomed to any effort) were agony.  Eventually a plot was hatched.  I would run to get him some neurophen for his aches and pains and at the same time get some new random Lego mini figures. Whatever I brought home he had to make an amusing scene with!

So I ran up the hill to the nearest Lego shop and chemist.  Actually there are both a lot closer in Westfield but I would have looked a proper idiot running round a shopping mall!  It wasn’t fast, I had a conversation with my brother on the mile out and OH rang me on my way home. (Maybe why I don’t normally take my phone!)  All the same it was 2.06 miles ‘running’  and 2.06 miles for Juneathon

Juneathon running total…  110.76 miles

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

3 thoughts on “Lucky dip

  1. I don’t think your posts are boring – your son is just feeling out of sorts!

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs too – and I also haven’t read as many as I probably should have, mainly to save my marriage from irretrievable breakdown & going to bed at a reasonable hour, unlike Janathon when midnight bedtimes were the norm 😉 Well done on 2 miles and good luck for the wind down, I mean end! lol

  3. Agree I look forward to hearing what you have been up to and wondering what Lego mini people will be doing next. I wonder if they are out running Juneathon while you are asleep! Could be a few more miles you could add to your total.

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