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Marathon training started… eventually.


So I’m back from my holiday and my marathon training plan started last week.  It wasn’t the full on enthusiastic start I might have imagined and certainly not like my enthusiasm to get going when I started training for my first half marathon this time 3 years ago!

Day one of my plan, Monday was Rest Day – great I could do that! Just as well because I had a marathon of washing and ironing to do! Day two, 3 easy miles…  didn’t go to plan. Morning dentist appointments prevented a morning run and then waiting or younger son to contact me (ET phone home!) and tell me when he was coming home dragged the day out. He finally turned up at six and I mustered my enthusiasm for a run only to spend 20 minutes on the phone catching up with a friend.  So finally a last chance dash out the door and I stood for 10 minutes waiting for my garmin to get a signal.  No luck I walked down the road and waited a bit longer, still no signal.. I gave up and walked home in a huff to cook super and poured myself a glass of wine.  Run 1 fail!

So on Wednesday I did make it out and I ran not only the 30 mins easy from my plan but 6 miles as also training for Thunder Run next weekend!  Run 1 take 2 success!

I was also scheduled to run on Thursday (day 4), and hummed and ahhed.  I wanted to go to BMF on Friday so in the end swapped my rest day and went to BMF on Friday morning (run 2) and added 4 miles in the evening (run 3) thinking that endurance would be good pre TR24 plus alternative days would help my legs recover in between.

Sunday’s long run also didn’t go to plan.  I left it too late, it was hot, I maybe should have eaten better the night before, and drunk less wine… so I cut it shorter than what I had aimed for but about the right distance for my marathon plan week 1 long run. (Run 4).

Week 1.  4 workouts, 18.6 miles. 

15 weeks to go…. plus a few races in the meantime!

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

5 thoughts on “Marathon training started… eventually.

  1. Well done for getting out there. This week will be better. Good Luck for TR24!!

  2. 18 miles when you aren’t feeling motivated is still very impressive. Once your mojo returns you’ll be on fire.

  3. You have to start somewhere and not being the only thing that you are doing at the moment I would say that you did well! 🙂

  4. Hope the marathon training is on track. Linswoo is doing the New York marathon and I feel like I have been doing some of her training too even thou I said I would never run another one. Just booked a place for the Great Scottish half marathon. Need to get out and do some longer runs.

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