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New Year


Janathon day 1.

Having not run for a couple of weeks I was looking forward to my New Year’s day Janathon run.  Yesterday I got keener as I planned my possible routes here in Leicestershire, staying with family. With my first G&T of the evening I got keener still, stating that I was running in the morning and more with each glass of red wine or champagne!

We saw the new year in with more champagne and watched the London fireworks before feeling somewhat inadequate with our hosts as we set off our few rockets in the garden.  I fell into bed about 1am and set my alarm all gung-ho for 8am and my new year run.

My long-suffering other half was less happy about my 7am alarm call (It’s not so easy to tell the time at 1am after a good night)  which I managed to ignore. Nor very happy with the 8am version.  He finally presented me with a cup of tea at 9am stating he was off to walk the dog with his sister and it was time I went for my run if I really was going.  Finally dressed by 9.30 and after a chat and a little more essential hydration (I managed without a paracetamol but a little lavender oil was called for!) I set off.

I was advised to stay on the roads because everywhere was so water-logged and given a suggested route which we thought was around three miles. It was a beutiful sunny morning and I even enjoyed the undulations.  I saw 5 other people out running plus a few more walkers and found that Leicestershire runners are a friendly lot exchanging hello and happy new years. After the long cut through a pretty village I was on my way back up a hill passing 4 miles as I got back to the village and realising that 4.5 miles is probably my limit running on an empty stomach and a hangover!

Janathon day 1 –  4.5 miles run.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

12 thoughts on “New Year

  1. 4.5 hangover miles is the equivalent of at least 10 normal miles. This may or may not be scientific fact.

  2. Leicestershire people are very friendly! Which part of the county are you staying in?

  3. Good start, keep it up and good luck.

  4. Good start – I only managed 4 miles thanks to a banging headache and not being sure my back would cope with another 1 or 2!!!! Like the new header on the blog – lovely x

  5. Excellent start, from a Leicestershire exile, now living down south

  6. Well done, that’s a great start to the year.

  7. And so it begins…jealous already. Have a good one, gin fueled our not!

  8. I agree that hungover miles should be worth more than non-hungover ones!

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